On my recent visit to a Hindu temple, one of the guest speakers was Dr. Kusam Vyas who spoke about the Gulf of Mannar and the efforts to protect it and the Ram Sethu (also known as Adam’s Bridge).  Ram Sethu is a chain of shoals between the Indian island of   Rameswaram and Mannar in Sri Lanka.   This bridge was written about in ancient Hindu writings and generally considered to be a myth until it’s existence was verified by NASA photography.  
    This bridge of shoals is important in creating a special underwater ecosystem for the Gulf of Mannar.  Now it is being threatened by a plan to dig a mid ocean channel through the shoals to allow commercial shipping to take a short cut through the area to save a few hours.  This plan is being opposed on both religious and ecological grounds.  Hindus consider this bridge a sacred place.  In addition, cutting this channel through there would change the Gulf of Mannar and damage the uniqueness of this environment likely leading to the extinction of species found only in that area.  The Living Planet Foundation is fighting to save this area, as well as others.  I encourage you to help them in whatever way you can.


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