Ancient Astronomy

    It’s a fairly well established fact that many ancient civilizations were obsessed with astronomy.  Obsessed in the sense that they seem to have spent a great deal of time studying the movement of the sun, moon, the planets and the stars and building fantastic monuments to help.  We all know that Stonehenge is designed to record a number of astrological events, but it is not the only one.  There are other henges, mounds and circles in the British Isles that record similar events such as the Newgrange mound with it’s white wall of quartz crystals.  And we know that the ancient Egyptians studied astronomy and that the pyramids and other monuments are often aligned with stars or the sun.  Lesser known astrological monuments can be found in other parts of Europe, Asia and South America.  
    So why were these people so concerned about astronomy, even in places where there was nothing but primitive hunter gatherer villages?  One theory is that the earth shattering event that nearly wiped out the planet about 11,000 years ago altered the tilt of the planet (among other things) making it necessary to do these studies to figure out the seasons for planting, etc.  Another is that the ancients placed a great deal of importance on astrology.  Not in the sense of the simple fortune telling that is common today, but in helping them calculate all aspects of their lives.  This would include when to plant crops of course, but also such things as when to conceive a child, when to get married, when to start a war, when to relocate, etc.  We tend to think of Astrology as a European thing, but the Mayans with their well known calendar and associated prophecies were also very much into astrology.  So were the ancient Egyptians.  One interesting fact about the well know pyramids of Giza, the Great pyramid and two smaller ones is that the three pyramids form a line that, in direction and size of each pyramid, perfectly mirrors the three stars in Orion’s belt, but not as they appear from Earth now, but as they appeared 10,000 years ago!
    One reason why the ancients were so into astrology is spiritual development.  The priests, priestesses and shaman used it to determine the potential of a person to develop spiritually and where to concentrate their efforts on helping them develop.



    When I was six or seven, I burned my leg playing where I shouldn’t have been playing.  It was only a second degree burn, yet it left a scar that is still visible today.  Physical injuries can leave invisible scars as well, for example, a near drowning when your young may result in a fear of water later.  
    Physical injuries are not the only way we get scars.  We also get mental and emotional scars.  These are the scars that happen when we are hurt emotionally or are criticized or rejected mentally.  It may be getting rejected by someone you find attractive.  It may be an art teacher who criticizes your art work to the point where you lose interest in art.  It may even be ourselves because we may expect our first efforts at something to be successful and, when the are not, we give up on that idea.  The world is full of people who had dreams of greatness and gave up on them, often because of emotional or mental scars.
    Scars can also hamper our spiritual development.  We may have learned that the preacher in our childhood church was a fraud or a hypocrite and get mental scars regarding religion.  We may start to doubt God when we lose a loved one.  Or we may just let materialists and Atheists convince us that we shouldn’t worry about such things until we are dead.  These, and many similar types of scars can hamper our spiritual development so we need to try to get rid of them.  To do this, we have to honestly examine ourselves on a regular basis to determine what emotional and mental scars are holding us back, then try to get rid of them by talking to ourselves in a simple, logical why, about why we should change out scar-created beliefs and attitudes.


Random Thoughts 6-28-2009

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A sad week with the loss of two icons, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.

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More Wierd and Crazy Crime

A woman was being held captive in her own home by an ex-boyfriend.  She was saved when a locar car dealer stopped by to find out why her payment was late.

A twenty-nine year old guy in Tennessee is complaining that he can’t make child support payments with his minimum-wage job.  He has 21 kids by eleven women.

A woman in Colorado got into a fight with her ex-boyfriend when visiting at his house.  Soon, the guys mother joined the frakus, than his brother and father.  The woman excaped and called police who arrested the entire family.

In North Dakota, a twenty-six year old guy attending a concert with his mother allegedly vomited on other concert goers then refused to leave.  When police arrived to escort them out, the mother began pushing the officers and yelling obscenities at them, getting them both arrested.


Scripture: The Second Treatise of the Great Seth

They do not accept for themselves the nobility of the truth,  hating the one for whom they exist, and loving the one for whom they do not exist. For they did not know the Gnosis  of the Greatness, that it is from above and (from) the fountain of truth, and it is not from slavery and jealousy and love of worldly matter. For that which is not theirs and that which is theirs they use fearlessly and freely. They do not desire, because they have authority, and a law from themselves over whatever they will wish.

Many do not except the truth of a spiritual world and the existence of the soul and a spiritual God.  They believe only in material things and believe there is no God or that God is a material being also.  Worshiping the god of the material world is worshiping a false god, the one for whom you don’t exist spiritually.  This is primarily caused by ignorance, a lack of gnosis (knowledge) of the greatness of the true God and the everlasting spiritual world.  Those who open themselves and develop their spiritual side so they do gain this knowledge do not have that problem.  They don’t have to believe or have faith that God is real, they know.