Breakfast at the hotel, then leave for Delphi with additional short stos at Patras, Rion, New Bridge to Antirion, Nafpaktos, Itea and Galaxidi. We stay overnight at the hotel Acropole at Delphi. Delphi is best known for the ancient oracle where the priestess (Pythia) was asked questions and gave advice. Many ruins are in Delphi also.

The Oracle

The oracle stands tall and straight
White robes glowing like a dove in the morning sun.
Her dark eyes seem to say:
“Be careful what you ask; a foolish question
Will get a foolish answer.”

But they ask them anyway, the mighty
And the rich:
“Will I win the war?”
“Will I have a child?”
“Will my business have success?”

And the oracle answers their foolish questions
Honestly, but cryptically.
And the fools leave satisfied,
Interpreting the oracle as they wish, believing
What they want to believe, which is usually
Not the truth.


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