This week I received what I hope is the last medical bill for my three-day trip to the hospital in January.  This one was for the ambulance that took me from one hospital to the other one.  The distance was twenty miles and the trip took about thirty minutes.  Counting prep time to get me on and off, about an hour.  The total charge was almost $1400.  My insurance, which is supposed to pay 85%, payed just over $400 leaving me to pay over $900 out of my own pocket.  I’m beginning to understand why Americans are going to places like India for medical treatment.

Once again we have a clean cut, well mannered, good looking young guy accused of murder and everyone is saying they are surprised, it can’t be him.  How many of these will it take before people realize these are exactly the type who often do rape, murder or commit other crimes, partly because they know nobody will suspect them?

This Wacky World

Researchers at the prestigious Max Planck Institute in Germany recently did a major study on human spit.  They discovered that spit was pretty much the same everywhere despite regional differences in diet.

In Italy, since banks have little money to loan out to small businesses due to the global recession, the businesses are turning to another source: the Mafia.

A young man in Australia was arrested for breaking into sex shops.  He didn’t steal anything when he broke into them.  He just inflated rubber sex dolls and had sex with them.

A Saudi man divorced his wife by texting her the traditional (more or less) “I divorce U” three times.  The Saudi court upheld it as a legal divorce.


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