We have all heard the parable of the good Shepherd and how he goes after the lost sheep.  Some misunderstand this.  They think that no matter how far they stray, no matter how lost they get, Jesus, the angels and the other Beings of Light are going to rescue them.  Sadly, that is simply not true.  The good shepherd only goes so far looking for the lost sheep then gives up.  The same is true with attempts to redeem the fallen.  The Beings of Light want to save everyone, but they are aware that there are those who simply cannot be saved and to try is to waste time and effort that could be spent on those who can be redeemed.  
    This sounds callous to some, including many who have studied spirituality in some form.  But the spiritual teachers have to be practical if they are going to be effective.  Just like medical triage on a battle field has to decide which of the wounded can possibly be saved and concentrate on treating them rather then treating those who can not possibly be saved, the Beings of Light have to make the decision to save those who can be saved meaning:

  • Those who haven’t become so entrenched in materialism that there is no possibility of convincing them that a spiritual world or an afterlife exists
  • Those who haven’t already lost their soul because of committing major crimes like murder or enough lesser crimes *  that their soul has given up on them and departed.

That second one requires a little explanation because many don’t know such a thing can happen.  They equate the soul with the spirit and thing that since a person cannot exist without a spirit, a person cannot exist without a soul.  That is simply not true.  Your soul is not your property, you don’t own it and it can, and does, leave people and returns to heaven without them.

* by crimes in this statement, I mean breaking God’s law not man’s law.


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