Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626) was primarily a philosopher, but is known for creating the scientific method of learning through experimentation.  He was also a scientist, lawyer and statesman.   He served as Attorney General of England.  Many believe that he was the true author of the plays attributed to Shakespeare since Bacon had the background and education needed for the great knowledge of history, philosophy and languages displayed in Shakespeare’s plays that Shakespeare did not have.  
    His primary goals in life were to: discover truth, serve his country, serve the church.  He completely rejected atheism as a philosophy that lacked depth and, therefore, could not find truth.  He felt that anyone who studied nature deeply and honestly had to conclude that God existed.  He is also known for the phrase: “Knowledge is power” and his book on his idea of utopia called “The New Atlantis”.  In it, he expressed a desire for a land where slavery did not exist, women had more rights and the idea of separation of church and state.  Many today don’t understand how a man of faith could be in favor of separation of church and state, but Bacon understood this to mean that the state would not establish an official state religion and the state would treat all churches, religions and their members equally, which is the correct interpretation, not as it has become today where all mention of religion is banned from public schools and many other state activities.


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