A lot of people today, Including many who call themselves Christians, believe that evil acts against those that are evil are justified and good.  That killing abortion doctors is acceptable because they think abortion is evil.  That beating or even killing gays is acceptable because homosexuality is evil (not so much in this country now, but still very true in Jamaica, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and a few other countries).  
    Jesus never taught that such behavior was good, or even acceptable.  He taught that we should love everyone and not judge others.  It’s a very simple and easily understood teaching.  And the other great prophets such as Buddha and Zoroaster taught the same.  
    An evil act against someone you think is evil is still an evil act.  I remember once when I was a kid and the cold war was very strong, Kruschev, the leader of the U. S. S. R. was considered by many Americans to be a very evil person, I said once when they were talking about him on the news “I wish he was dead.”  My mother scolded me and said that I should never wish that anybody was dead, no matter who they were.  My mother was not a highly educated or intelligent women, but even she knew that simple truth:
evil acts are not justified because the person you are doing them too is evil according to your personal beliefs or the beliefs of your church or some other group you belong to.  Even wishing evil against someone else because you believe that person is evil, is not justified.  Feel free, however, to wish that that person becomes enlightened and learns the error of his/her ways.


One thought on “Evil Against Evil is still Evil

  1. rosie says:

    That is so true! You hear it everywhere. People judge each other all the time and not only make the judgments but then feel they are better than them. It’s become so common in todays society we even have a likable hero serial killer on a TV weekly show. The serial killer is liked because the people he’s murdering are serial killers. Somehow people feel it’s OK for him to be a serial killer because of who his victims are. Pretty bizarre when you think of it.
    Look at our death penalty system. The person who pulls the switch, or injects the needle or implements whatever method is being used is paid very well for being a killer. His acts are murder are excepted because we agree with it. Why is he different from the one he is killing? We tend to judge anyone who’s beliefs or behaviors are different from our own, assuming ours are the correct ones. We’re all meant to be different.
    One could go on and on with examples of it.

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