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Today, the state of Confusion announced that it would no longer legally recognize the marriages of ordained priests and ministers due to the necessity of maintaining separation of church and state.
(just kidding, that didn’t really happen, but it could soon the way things are going.)

Science tells us that all dogs are descended from wolfs.   All of the breeds that exist today are the result of crossbreeding those early wolf-like dogs.  So, I wonder, what did they cross with a German Shepard, Greyhound or similar wolf-sized dog to end up with a Chihuahua?

Last week I said that those buying the drugs from Mexican cartels are accessories to murder.  Now, Anderson Cooper on CNN is essentially saying the same thing in his interview with a high-ranking drug cartel member.  They both agreed that demand for drugs in the U.S. is financing the current drug war and those who are buying the drugs have, in their words, “blood on their hands”.

For some strange reason, my poem about a tulip tree on my poetry blog, which I posted nearly a year ago,  has become very popular in the last few weeks getting around twenty reads a day.  My guess is it’s just people looking for information about tulips because I don’t think that poem is one of my best efforts.


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