I’ve been following a specific order with these articles on color but I decided to do black out of sequence because of the talk on the news recently about Bernie Madoff and his black fetish (all decorations and furniture in his company offices had to be black).  Madoff, being a very unlikeable guy these days, lends credence with this fetish to the association of black with evil so I thought we should look at other meanings of black.
    The association of black with evil probably comes for the association of darkness with evil, but there is a difference.  Darkness is an area where there is little or no light.  An object is said to be black when it absorbs nearly all light that hits it so a black object is absorbing all colors and therefore contains all colors of light, which is very different from darkness.  After all, many priests and ministers wear black.  Black is associated by many with death because mourners often wear black, but in ancient Egypt, black represented life and rebirth.  In fashion, black is often worn for it’s slimming effect.  
    In color psychology, black can symbolize evil, but it can also symbolize power (maybe that’s why Madoff liked it).  Black also symbolizes sophistication and elegance.  It can also symbolize mystery, fear and depression.
     To those who can see auras, black is said to indicate areas of disease or harm from dark forces.


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