Colors: Black

    I’ve been following a specific order with these articles on color but I decided to do black out of sequence because of the talk on the news recently about Bernie Madoff and his black fetish (all decorations and furniture in his company offices had to be black).  Madoff, being a very unlikeable guy these days, lends credence with this fetish to the association of black with evil so I thought we should look at other meanings of black.
    The association of black with evil probably comes for the association of darkness with evil, but there is a difference.  Darkness is an area where there is little or no light.  An object is said to be black when it absorbs nearly all light that hits it so a black object is absorbing all colors and therefore contains all colors of light, which is very different from darkness.  After all, many priests and ministers wear black.  Black is associated by many with death because mourners often wear black, but in ancient Egypt, black represented life and rebirth.  In fashion, black is often worn for it’s slimming effect.  
    In color psychology, black can symbolize evil, but it can also symbolize power (maybe that’s why Madoff liked it).  Black also symbolizes sophistication and elegance.  It can also symbolize mystery, fear and depression.
     To those who can see auras, black is said to indicate areas of disease or harm from dark forces.


Spirit Image

    We hear a lot these days about body image and how it affects out appearance and our behavior, but what about out soul image or spiritual image?  Our spirit image is very different because we don’t know what our spirit or our soul (they are not the same thing) looks like.  Our spiritual image is really more of a psychological thing.  Specifically, many people doubt that they are worthy of enlightenment or are good enough to achieve Christ Consciousness so they don’t even try.  This is unfortunate because they are often wrong.  
    What causes these doubts is ego.  Ego sees spiritual development as a threat to it’s domination of your personality so tries to prevent it.  Some spiritual teachers therefore, tell people they must get rid of the ego.  Not only is that not possible, it is counter productive.  The ego is useful, but you can’t let it completely dominate.  It needs to be convinced that spiritual development is in it’s best interest, than it won’t fight it.
    You  may never become Mr. America or Miss Olympia, but that doesn’t mean you wont benefit from regular exercise.  Likewise, you can benefit from developing your spiritual side, even if you never reach the level of a saint.


Random Thoughts 3-29-2009

News Flash
Today, the state of Confusion announced that it would no longer legally recognize the marriages of ordained priests and ministers due to the necessity of maintaining separation of church and state.
(just kidding, that didn’t really happen, but it could soon the way things are going.)

Science tells us that all dogs are descended from wolfs.   All of the breeds that exist today are the result of crossbreeding those early wolf-like dogs.  So, I wonder, what did they cross with a German Shepard, Greyhound or similar wolf-sized dog to end up with a Chihuahua?

Last week I said that those buying the drugs from Mexican cartels are accessories to murder.  Now, Anderson Cooper on CNN is essentially saying the same thing in his interview with a high-ranking drug cartel member.  They both agreed that demand for drugs in the U.S. is financing the current drug war and those who are buying the drugs have, in their words, “blood on their hands”.

For some strange reason, my poem about a tulip tree on my poetry blog, which I posted nearly a year ago,  has become very popular in the last few weeks getting around twenty reads a day.  My guess is it’s just people looking for information about tulips because I don’t think that poem is one of my best efforts.


Scripture: The Bhagavad Gita 13.24

Some realize the self within them through the practice of meditation,
some by the path of wisdom, and others by selfless service.
Others may not know these paths; but hearing and following
the instructions of an illumined teacher, they too go beyond death.

Whatever path you take to achieve spiritual awakening, some path must be followed or you will not achieve that goal and you will not achieve true immortality.  Expecting to reach heaven without following a spiritual path is like expecting to win a lottery without buying a ticket. 
Even if you are following one of the other paths, the aid of a spiritual teacher can help you in determining what progress you have made and what you need to work on.