Wall Street Rant

    Rick Santelli’s recent wall street rant where the brokers and dealers on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade shouted agreement with him that they didn’t want the economic recovery money going to bail out people on the verge of foreclosures shows that wall street still doesn’t get it.  They still believe that the purpose of people is to support the big corporations in any way they can so the guys at the top and the bankers and brokers can reap the rewards, live in multi-million dollar mansions, ride around in private jets, and take six-week vacations in St. Barts or Monte Carlo while the millions at the bottom of the corporate ladder are living pay-check to pay-check and taking two-day vacations at the nearest lake.
    Well I for one have to disagree with Rick & friends.  The purpose of the bailout is to help the American people.  That may mean helping the banks and corporations recover and it may not, but the people should come first.  Let’s not forget that most of those people in trouble with variable rate mortgages choose that path to financing at the encouragement of banks, mortgage companies and real estate agents who wanted to sell as much real estate as possible at the highest prices possible to benefit themselves with no regard for the potential (now realized) problems down the road when those payments went up and people couldn’t afford them.



    Most of us admire the great explorers like Columbus, Lewis & Clark, and Francis Drake just to name a few.  Very few of us realize that we are all explorers in a sense.  
    We are all born into a strange world we know nothing about.  We start exploring that world within minutes of being born.  We continue exploring it to various degrees until we are adults.  Unfortunately, at some point we usually reach a place we are comfortable with and stop our exploring.  We get comfortable in our social life, in our jobs or professions, we get comfortable with our friends and decide to just stop exploring.  
    I’ve known people in good paying professions who loose their job because they don’t want to learn new technologies or new job skills.  I’ve known people who ended up unemployed because they were in a dying profession and didn’t want to learn a new one, and I’m not talking about this year when so many are loosing jobs because the current economy.
    As a spiritual person, I think the saddest cases of this are the people who have become comfortable with a church or belief system and never explore anything else.  They have been in the same  church since their parents brought them when they were infants.  But if you ask them why they think this church is better than another they can’t answer.  If you ask them what other spiritual paths, or spiritual schools they have investigated, they answer is often “none”.   This, I think, is very unfortunate when it is clear to most of us that we are living in the “End Times” and a spiritual awakening is the only thing that can save us. 


Random Thoughts 2-22-2009

I finally found a reasonable priced flight from Washington to San Francisco for the trip to Greece and booked it. 

I found it interesting when I took a vacation two years ago to the Caribbean Island of Dominica (not the Dominican Republic), that the most popular game there is Dominoes.  It’s so popular that many get together to play in for money, like the poker groups her in the U.S.A. 

I was watching a show yesterday on the History channel about life found around volcano vents in the middle of the ocean.  The scientists were very surprised to find a life form living deep in the cracks where the pressure is very extreme and the temperature of the water is above boiling (although it doesn’t boil because of the extreme pressure at those depths).  This shows that the life force is a powerful thing that is not easily denied and will find a way.

Dumb Crimes and Criminals:

A guy in Amsterdam tried to rip off a store in a unique way.  He bought a lobster there, then returned it claiming it had gone bad.  The store gave him some crab meat in exchange, but then discovered that what he returned was just an empty shell carefully glued together. 

A kid in Australia got kicked off the school bus for fighting.  To teach him a lesson, his father made him walk the seven miles to school each day during the five-day suspension.  The first day after he was allowed back on the bus, he got kicked off for fighting.

Two young inmates at a jail in New Zealand tried to escape.  The two were handcuffed together.  When they came to a lamp post down the street, one went left and the other right.  They slammed into each other and were knocked down, so they were easily caught by the police.


Scripture: The Bhagavad Gita 8:11

I will tell you briefly of the eternal state all scriptures affirm, which can be entered only by those who are self-controlled and free from selfish passions.  Those whose lives are dedicated to Brahman attain this supreme goal.

All real scripture and all true religion has one goal in mind: for us to reunite with God and for our world to once again become the Garden of Eden.  The people who seek God, by whatever name, and seek spiritual enlightenment for it’s own sake and not for selfish or egotistical reasons are the one who will be able to achieve it.