Sage is a very common plant in much of the world.  There are actual several varieties with different uses.  
    One type (Salvia officinalis ) called common sage or purple sage, is a common spice used to flavor foods, particularly, turkey and sausages.  It is a highly aromatic herb.  When I visit Redrock Sanctuary, I love the smell of the sage that grows wild there.  For healing, sage is used to reduce sweating caused by illness.  It is also used as a mouthwash to aid sore gums and sore throat.  Sage tea is used for stomach cramps, gas, and other common digestive problems.  Mixed with vinegar, it can be used as a compress for bruises, insect bites, and snake bite.  It can treat skin rashes, skin ulcers and dandruff.  It is effective at repelling some insects such as flies.
    In health food and natural food stores, you find sage in the form of clary sage (Salvia sclarea) oil.  Clary sage is a variety of sage found in Europe and has many of the same healing properties as officinalis.  Clary sage oil is used for treating depression, stress and nervousness.  Sprinkle a few drops in bath water as an aid for muscle pain, depression, cramps, menstrual problems and insomnia (clary sage is very relaxing so do this before bed, not in the morning).  Clary sage boosts intuition and creativity.

Sage in Myths, Legends, Magic and Religion:

White broad leaf sage is dried to make the smudge sticks used in many Native American rituals and religious ceremonies.

Sage is reputed to bring prosperity, good health, protection, fertility and business success.

One legend says that when Mary & Joseph were fleeing from Herod’s troops with Jesus, Mary hid Jesus from them in a sage plant(Read the detailed story here).

A few drops of clary sage oil on your pillow is believed to help you have vivid dreams and to remember the dreams.


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