Making Assumptions

    We all make assumptions.  It is absolutely necessary to do so.  Our lives would be unbearably complicated if we couldn’t.  If we had to assume that we knew nothing about how people we knew behaved or what to expect from them in certain circumstances.  On the other hand, assumptions can be wrong and we may never realize it.
    Recently, on several occasions, I scolded by dog Cocoa for taking his toys outside and leaving them outdoors in the rain.  Than I saw my other dog, Nova, come in the house, grab one of the toys, and carry it outside.  I had assumed it was Cocoa because he is the one who mostly plays with the toys and I rarely see Nova with a toy after the first day I buy them.  It never dawned on me that Nova might be the one taking the toys outside where she could play without interference from Cocoa because Nova is an outdoor dog and Cocoa is an indoor dog.
    So it’s fine to make assumptions with things that are nearly certain, like the sun will rise in the morning, but when it come to people and pets, we need to remember that change is always possible so we need to allow for change even while we make assumptions.  Like the weather man who says 50% chance of rain, or 70%, or even 90%, but almost never 100%, because things, and people,  can catch us by surprise, no matter how well we think we know them.


Spiritual Symbols: Hummingbird

The Hummingbird is, and has been, a spiritual symbol in many religions and beliefs, though usually not a major one.  It’s significance is mostly based on the way it flies and eats.
    The hummingbird can fly forward, backwards, sideways and hover.  They are the only birds that can do that.  For this reasons, they sometimes symbolize mastery over time and, since mastery over time means spiritual development, they also symbolize spiritual development.  In Central and South America, the hummingbird is considered by many to have supernatural powers and is considered a love charm.   It is also considered a joyful bird so symbolizes joy, happiness.  
    The hummingbird is also noted for the fact that they will become very still, appearing to be dead, on cold nights, than wake up when the morning sun warms them.  For this reason, they also symbolize rebirth and immortality.
    According to the Taino people, the hummingbird symbolizes the spreading of life over the earth.  They also call their warriors Hummingbird Warriors because the hummingbird is peaceful, but will protect it’s home.  
    Exactly what it symbolized to the people who made the Nazca Lines is unknown, but it is a very prominent figure in those lines.


Year of the Ox

Today is New Year’s Day on the Chinese calendar and it’s the year of the Ox.  The Ox symbolizes hard work and perseverance.  Appropriate given the current world situation, the financial meltdown and a new president.   The letters in Ox are also used to indicate hugs and kisses and love is something we all need to work on this year also.

So, for Chinese New Year, here is a Feng Shui tip.  If your desk, at home or in the office, is arranged so you are seated with your back to the door, turn it around or put a rear-view mirror in front of you so you can see the door.  This will reduce stress. myspace graphic comments
Myspace Chinese New year Comments


Random Thoughts 1-25-2009

Here is another reason for smokers to quit.  A study by Tufts University found that our pets may be affected by second-hand smoke even more than our children.   That’s because, in addition to breathing in the smoke, pets get in it their fur then lick it off.

If anyone was wondering why I waited until afternoon to post on Thursday, my internet connection was down in the morning.

Another thing I heard this week about pets that I thought I should pass along because I don’t think many people are aware of it.  I read that macadamia nuts are highly poisonous to dogs.  One ounce can temporarily paralyze a twenty pound dog and more can cause heart problems and death.

I got word this week that the ICC/Project X group trip to Greece is on.  We got the minimum twenty participants required to get the group rates.  I’m really looking forward to the trip.

Weird and Wacky News

A man in England is on trial for sprinkling nuts around a food plant that is supposed to be nut free.  He was apparently trying to get revenge for being reprimanded.

A man in Pennsylvania got mad at his bank for locking up his checking account because he wasn’t making payments on his truck.  So he drove the truck through the bank door.

Was Dracula really Irish?  Some think that may be the case.  Bram Stoker, the writer of Dracula, was Irish and some now believe his story was based on the tales his mother told about the cholera epidemic in 1832 in which the sick were often buried alive to prevent the spread of the disease.