We all have an imagination.  Some of us use it frequently.  Some of us rarely use it.  But, for all of us, our imagination is important.  
    When we were kids we probably had a vivid imagination.  Imaginary friends.  Imaginary places we could go to.  Imaginary creatures to meet.  Kids are always using their imagination.  But, as they get older, adults tell them things that tend to make them use their imagination less and less, until, in many cases, they rarely use it.  This is unfortunate.
    I think we all realize that an artist couldn’t create art if she couldn’t imagine the completed work in her.   The inventor couldn’t invent without an imagination.  The medical researcher couldn’t find a cure if he couldn’t imagine doing so.  In fact, none of us could accomplish much of anything if we couldn’t imagine ourselfs doing it.
    Unfortunately, it is also possible to misuse our imagination.  Jesus warned that committing sin in out thoughts was the same as doing it.  Imagining ourselves doing things we know to be wrong, things that are evil, may seem like fun to some, but it is harmful.  Our thoughts affect ourself and possibly others around us, so when we think evil things, those thoughts will affect us in negative ways.  In fact, according to some quantum physicists, those evil thought may actually create an alternate universe where those evil things actually happen.
    Personally, I’m not yet convinced about the alternate universe theories, but I do think we should try to use our imagination in a positive, constructive way rather than a negative, destructive way.   What I mean by that, is we need to imagine ourselfs, the world, and the people in it as we would like it to be.  Maybe that is not the way it is now, but it can become that ideal world of light if enough of us imagine it.


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