About two million years ago, cave men (Homo Erectus) started making tools.  That indicates that they planned for the future since you don’t sit down and start making a spear while your being attacked by a Sabertooth.  That is one thing that separates us from animals.  They don’t plan for the future, we do.  Some people may say they don’t plan, but planning doesn’t have to be elaborate.  A simple thing like buying a new outfit for a party next week is planning.  Setting your alarm clock is planning.  We all do it to some degree.
    Most biographies of St. Francis indicate that he was opposed to planning to the extent that he didn’t like the cook to soak beans overnight in planning for the next day.  Personally, I find that hard to believe.  There may have been certain areas of life where Francis was against planning, but he obviously did plan sometimes.  Building monasteries is planning.  Making a trip to the Vatican in planning.  He didn’t just climb up on a donkey and hope it would take him somewhere interesting.  He planned his trips.  And he planned for the future in helping those who joined him in their quest for spiritual growth. 


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