Phil O’Gree loved jewelry.  All kinds of bling, especially gem stones.  Of course, he didn’t believe all the nonsense about gems and crystals having various powers to heal, to be programmed or to be anything except decoration.  He knew that computer memories were made of tiny crystals but that was different — they were man made.  Natural gems and crystals don’t do things like that.  there just baubles, bling, nothing more. 
    One day Phil was given an opportunity to buy a rare red diamond at a very reasonable price.  The stone was once owned by a Borgia and was reputed to be cursed, but Phil didn’t believe in such silliness, so he bought the diamond.  Two days later he was killed in a car accident.

This is not a true story, just another of my little parables.  It’s meaning should be obvious.  Just because we don’t believe something doesn’t mean it’s not true.


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