The Discoveries of Gene Savoy

    Gene Savoy discovered more than fourty lost cities in the jungles of South America, mostly in the mountains of Peru.  They include the discovery of several Chachapoya cities.  This should have been major news since many thought the Chachapoya were a myth, yet it has not attracted much attention. Why?
    Gene Savoy did not have a degree in archeology and was not on the staff of a major university so his discoveries were largely ignored.  If you asked one of the acedemic archeologists about his discoveries, they would reply with something like:
Anyone can find lost cities in Peru
Savoy is not an Archeologist so his discoveries don’t matter

    The major reason though was that Gene Savoy was also Bishop Savoy, founder and head of the International Community of Christ.  While they may not call themselves athiests, many scientists believe that religion and science must be kept seperate and anything a religious person, especially a religious leader, says is unscientific and can be ignored.  This is unfortunate because many religious people are also scientific ans some churches, including the International Community of Christ are scientific.


Gems and Crystals: Sugilite

Sugilite, also known as Luvulite is a recent discovery in the gem world.  It is a deep opaque purple or pink stone.
It’s found in Japan, Canada, and Europe.  In 1979, a large deposit was found in South Africa.  It is typically cut into cabochons and polished.  Bright purple ones are the most valued. 

Folklore and uses:

It is said to strengthen the heart and aid healing.  It protects against negative energies and helps you stay balanced.  It can help clear the mind and prepare for the awakening of consciousness.  It helps us overcome limiting beliefs.  It’s purple color would naturally benefit the head centers and the organs in the head.  I would suspect that wearing one while you sleep would help induce prophetic dreams, or at least lucid dreams.  There isn’t any ancient folklore since it’s so recently discovered.


Random Thoughts 10-26-2008

Polygamists say they are not sexist but do you know of a polygamist group that allows women with many husbands?  I’ve never heard of one.

I am in Massachusetts this weekend for my nephew’s wedding so I am setting up stories to auto-post while I’m gone.  If you subscribe to this blog, you will get copies emailed to you before they are officially posted due to a glitch in the blog software that causes them to be emailed to subscribers as soon as I click the “Publish” button.

I’m concerned that when the economy settles down we will end up with even fewer, but much bigger multi-national corporations controlling everything.


Strange and Crazy news:

In Bristol City, England, the city council warned people living in government subsidized housing to leave the shed doors unlocked because if crooks broke down the doors to get in, the resident would have to pay for the repairs.

A thirty year old man in California tried to throw lit fireworks at a target from the window of a moving car.  He missed and the fireworks went off in the car.  As dumb as that sounds, it’s not a first.  This has happened to a number of people before.


Scripture: The Prashna Upanishad 5-8

Prana is the sun; rayi is the moon.
Matter is solid, matter is subtle;
Rayi is therefore present everywhere.

The sun gives light and life to all who live,
East and west, north and south, above, below;
It is the prana of the universe.

The wise see the Lord of Love in the sun,
Rising in all its golden radiance
To give its warmth and light and life to all.

Prana is energy, particularly life energy, so the sun is the source of life energy.  No one can doubt that it is the energy of the physical sun that feeds life on the physical Earth, so isn’t it logical that the primary source on Earth of spiritual Light is the spiritual sun?  While spirit can exist without matter, it is usually concentrated around it’s material counterpart.  So when the Upanishads says “the Lord of Love is in the sun”, it is referring to the spiritual sun.