Happy Halloween

The wind howled through the trees like ghosts and banshees.  Owls hooted and cats hissed.  Dogs barked, growled, and howled like coyotes.  Vampires, ghouls, witches and zombies prowled the streets.  But it’s all just fun, right?  It’s all make believe, just trick-or-treat.  I really want to believe that it’s not real.  But the one bloody footprint left outside my door make that hard to accept.

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PHil O’Gree and Jewelry

    Phil O’Gree loved jewelry.  All kinds of bling, especially gem stones.  Of course, he didn’t believe all the nonsense about gems and crystals having various powers to heal, to be programmed or to be anything except decoration.  He knew that computer memories were made of tiny crystals but that was different — they were man made.  Natural gems and crystals don’t do things like that.  there just baubles, bling, nothing more. 
    One day Phil was given an opportunity to buy a rare red diamond at a very reasonable price.  The stone was once owned by a Borgia and was reputed to be cursed, but Phil didn’t believe in such silliness, so he bought the diamond.  Two days later he was killed in a car accident.

This is not a true story, just another of my little parables.  It’s meaning should be obvious.  Just because we don’t believe something doesn’t mean it’s not true.


The Adaptability of Life

    Life is a very adaptable thing.  Living things have been found in some areas where no one expected anything could live.  Bacteria and small animals living in hot springs.  Animals living in the coldest areas.  Flowers that survive in the harshest deserts.  
    Life is a powerful force, as irresistible as gravity.  Since the life force is everywhere, it will find a way to bring life to the non-living matter somehow.  So since life exists almost everywhere on Earth, it is certain that it exists on other planets as well, in one form or another.  We may not recognize it as life because it may be very different from life here, but it exists.


Planning for the Future

    About two million years ago, cave men (Homo Erectus) started making tools.  That indicates that they planned for the future since you don’t sit down and start making a spear while your being attacked by a Sabertooth.  That is one thing that separates us from animals.  They don’t plan for the future, we do.  Some people may say they don’t plan, but planning doesn’t have to be elaborate.  A simple thing like buying a new outfit for a party next week is planning.  Setting your alarm clock is planning.  We all do it to some degree.
    Most biographies of St. Francis indicate that he was opposed to planning to the extent that he didn’t like the cook to soak beans overnight in planning for the next day.  Personally, I find that hard to believe.  There may have been certain areas of life where Francis was against planning, but he obviously did plan sometimes.  Building monasteries is planning.  Making a trip to the Vatican in planning.  He didn’t just climb up on a donkey and hope it would take him somewhere interesting.  He planned his trips.  And he planned for the future in helping those who joined him in their quest for spiritual growth.