It’s scary when we watch the politicians we are trusting to run our country sitting at a table, the fire alarm goes off, the room is filling with smoke, and they start debating what size bucket to use to fetch water, who should get the bucket, and which party gets to stamp it’s logo on the bucket!

I’m looking forward to the annual convocation in Reno next week.  I’m hoping to convince a few other community members to start contributing some stories and articles for this blog.  I’m also looking forward to getting more details about the planned group trip to Greece next year.

Strange News

The Malaysian pen-tailed tree shrew live on a diet of fermented palm nectar which is like 100 % beer.  Scientists are studying this animal to find out why it doesn’t get drunk with the hope of developing a treatment for alcohol poisoning.

Many faith-based mutual funds that make investments that will not offend the particular faith they appeal to have lost money in recent weeks.  An exception is Islamic funds.  They don’t invest in financial service companies because of opposition to borrowing and lending, so they are doing better than most.

A man in England completed his prison sentence in 2006, but has refused to leave the prison for fear of being deported.  So he remains in jail at a cost of about $60,000 a year to the British taxpayers.


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