When a water buffalo crosses a river with a muddy bottom, it has to keep moving.  If it stops in the middle, it will sink into the mud and get stuck.
    Many people do something similar when it comes to spiritual development.  They start, get to a certain point, and stop.  Either because they think they have gone all the way to spiritual enlightenment, or they think they have made enough progress for a while.  In many cases, the middle of the river for spiritual development is psychic development.  Many confuse psychic development with spiritual development, so they thing that they have become spiritual when they have become psychic.  Essentially, the levels of development are physical, mental, psychic and spiritual.  While developing psychic gifts may seem great, there is something better beyond that.  Not that psychic development is wrong, it’s just not the end of the journey and if you stop there too long you are likely to get stuck.
    Another problem that has developed in the past few decades is the meditation schools that often lead followers into believing that meditation is all that is needed for spiritual development.  That meditating will produce enlightenment, Christ Consciousness.  But think of people you know who meditate regularly.  Have they really become Christ like?  In most cases, the answer is “no”.  No reputable spiritual school teaches that meditation alone will bring about enlightenment.  It’s just the first step, a tool to help you relax and release stress so you can go forward with spiritual development, not the final destination and not the final method.
    Even those few among us who have achieved enlightenment can’t stop.  They have to continue their practices and development techniques every day.  Because now, in the end times, if your not moving forward, your falling behind.


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