Forbidden History
Edited by J. Douglas Kenyon

    This book is actually a collection of articles from the Atlantis Rising magazine.  The articles by several authors are all about evidence of great technology that existed thousands of years ago and evidence or civilizations going back long before the generally accepted five to six thousand years or the conservative scientific establishment.
    The book is divided into six sections.  Section one features articles about the flaws in Darwin’s concept of evolution, namely, the believe that evolution is always the result of very gradual change over long periods of time.  These articles cover the growing evidence that sometimes big and dramatic change occurs very rapidly, such as the sudden appearance of flowering plants.  
    Section two delve more deeply into the growing mountain of proof for drastic, cataclysmic changes that occur periodically.  
    Section three covers evidence that civilization goes back ten thousand years or more, rather than five thousand.  It includes discussion of ancient civilizations in America and India that may be older than ancient Egypt.  
    Section four is about the search for physical evidence of Atlantis and other ancient lost civilizations.
    Part five covers ancient technology, particularly, Christopher Dunn’s theory on the real function of the Great Pyramid.
    Part six is primarily about evidence of visitors from other planets, though it does end with one I found interesting titled “The Physicist as Mystic” which is about how the Field of Quantum Physics is “discovering” the truth behind things that mystics have been saying for many centuries.
    One surprise is that, while ruins in Peru are mentioned, the numerous discoveries of Gene Savoy are totally left out.
Overall, I found the book interesting and many of the arguments very convincing.  It has a four-star rating on Amazon.


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