In Hinduism, its called “the world of illusion”.  In Buddhism, the world of suffering and strife.  In Christianity, it’s the world of sin and sinners, where Adam and Eve were sent when they were evicted from the Garden of Eden.  It’s the material world.  Nearly all of the worlds religions have in various terms indicated for many centuries that it is not the real world but a world of falsehood.  A world of illusion.
    Secular persons and institutes often scoffed at the idea.  Some still do.  Yet with the discoveries of science made in the last century, particularly in the field of quantum mechanics, science is now agreeing with the worlds great religions in this matter.  Now the scientists may not say it that way, but how else can you interpret it?  When they are telling us that the physical universe that we think is so real, so solid, is really just a hologram.  The material the universe is made from is not molecules, atoms, or even sub-atomic particles.  It is really just light.  An intricate matrix of light that takes form as it is observed and according to out our collective thoughts.
    So if the material universe is illusion, what is real?  The answer has to be the spiritual universe.  The origin of that light that the material universe is woven from.


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