Random Thoughts 8-24-2008

Angel’s Mini-Storage?  Why would angels need storage?  Maybe for those big bird wings people are always trying to put on them which they have no use for (angels don’t fly, they float).  Maybe for some of that itchy fiberglass stuff called angel hair for some strange reason (I don’t think angels are made of fiberglass).  Or maybe for the harps and horns that they really don’t need to make music — they are music.

A cool animal video.  Some dogs in Tennessee that hitch a ride on the bus then go to the river and hitch rides on canoes.

It’s great to see that a number of Olympic athletes are over thirty, several of them medal winners.  And I’m not even including the ones in Equestrian events where the horse is the real athlete.

Quote of the week:

Every object, every creature, every man, woman and child has a soul and it is the destiny of all, to see as God sees, to know as God knows, to feel as God feels, to Be as God Is.
Meister Eckhart

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Scripture: The Letter of Barnabas 1:6-7

    There are three firm teachings of the Lord of life: hope, which is the beginning and end of out faith; righteousness, which is the beginning and end of judgment; and love, which is a testament to out joy and gladness in upright deeds.
    For through the prophets the Master has made known to us what has happened and what now is; and he has given us the first fruits of the taste of what is yet to be.  And as we see that each and everything has happened just as he indicated, we should make a more abundant and exalted offering in awe of him.

Hope gives us the strength to keep up with our spiritual growth and with spreading the word despite periods of difficulty.
Righteousness gives us the strength to avoid falling into Satan’s traps.  Or those of men who serve him, whether intentionally or unintentionally.
Love.  What more can be said about the importance of love?  It is only because of his love for us that God continues to offer us a chance to redeem ourselfs, though now that the end times are here, that chance will soon end.

Jesus helped his followers understand what was taking place in the physical world and in the spiritual world (heaven).  He also gave them prophecies, many of which were never written down so we don’t know exactly what they were.  Barnabus though assures us that they happened just as Jesus and other prophets predicted and will continue to do so, assuming of course that you understand the true meaning of those prophecies.



    Is my dog Cocoa always getting into mischief because it’s really his nature or is it because it’s what I expect of him?  Do we form an idea of what a pet is like within a few weeks of getting him and then he is stuck living up to that expectation?
    And what about kids?  Do they get stuck living up to the expectations of parents, teachers and friends?  Do those expectations limit them and prevent them from becoming what they are fully capable of being?  Some experts believe they do while others disagree.  There is no doubt though that expectations can limit how we see others.  
    Many children do get stuck living up to expectations, good and bad, but other manage to overcome those limitations and expectations.  
    Some years ago, I worked on a project with a young man who’s name was Tarzan.  That was not a nickname but the actual name his parents gave him.  I never met his parents but one or both obviously had some expectations of him to give him that name.  The name brings up images from the various Tarzan movies of muscular, active men very connected with nature.  Unfortunately, this Tarzan seemed to have rebelled against that expectation of his parents.  He was very overweight, lazy, and seemed to be very much an indoor person.
    So even if you have high expectations of your kids, pets, friends or students, it can backfire as they may choose to avoid the path someone else has chosen for them.  So the best thing is to try to avoid such specific expectations and instead let them be what they dream of being with only the expectation that they can succeed.


Good Luck and Bad Luck

    Some people believe they have good luck and others believe they have bad luck.  They are both correct because what you believe has a significant, perhaps even profound, effect on the world you experience.  A person who thinks she is lucky will win more often than the average person.  A person who thinks he has bad luck will win less often than average.  
    Some try to explain this with the idea that these people are subconsciously doing things that either improves their odds of winning or decreases.  I can understand someone may be subconsciously doing things to sabotage his chances of winning but how do you subconsciously improve the odds?  Don’t the experts tell us there is nothing you can do to improve the odds of winning or loosing because the selections are all random?  At least on games that don’t involve skill like lottery tickets or slot machines.  The only way to improve the odds is to buy a lot of lottery tickets or play a lot of slot machines.  Yet the fact remains that without doing that, there are those people who regularly defy the odds one way or the other.
The science of quantum mechanics has demonstrated that what a person expects the outcome to be will increase the odds of that outcome happening.  In other words, what you believe affects what happens.