Spiritual Symbols: Bridge

    A bridge joins two things together.  An island to the main land.  The shores of a river.  The two sides of a canyon.
    As a spiritual symbol, it usually represents a bridge between heaven and earth.  In Christianity, it could represent Christ as that bridge or it could represent teaching that help us get to heaven.  This bridge is often difficult to cross.  It may be guarded by a beast such as a dragon.  It is said that now it can be crossed only in death or by solar mystics in an enlightened state.  It can also be a razors edged bridge indicating the difficulty of crossing by maintaining a balance between the two worlds of spirit and matter.  The rainbow is often used as a symbol for this bridge.  The “pot of gold” at the end of this rainbow is not metal coins but spiritual enlightenment.
It may also be depicted as stairs or a ladder.

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The Dreamworld

    In Hinduism, its called “the world of illusion”.  In Buddhism, the world of suffering and strife.  In Christianity, it’s the world of sin and sinners, where Adam and Eve were sent when they were evicted from the Garden of Eden.  It’s the material world.  Nearly all of the worlds religions have in various terms indicated for many centuries that it is not the real world but a world of falsehood.  A world of illusion.
    Secular persons and institutes often scoffed at the idea.  Some still do.  Yet with the discoveries of science made in the last century, particularly in the field of quantum mechanics, science is now agreeing with the worlds great religions in this matter.  Now the scientists may not say it that way, but how else can you interpret it?  When they are telling us that the physical universe that we think is so real, so solid, is really just a hologram.  The material the universe is made from is not molecules, atoms, or even sub-atomic particles.  It is really just light.  An intricate matrix of light that takes form as it is observed and according to out our collective thoughts.
    So if the material universe is illusion, what is real?  The answer has to be the spiritual universe.  The origin of that light that the material universe is woven from.


My Experiences with Ghosts

    I have not had much experience with ghosts in my life.  In fact, as far as I know, I have never actually seen a ghost.  The closest I have come is feeling a ghost.
    When I was a teenager, and our dog died, for about two weeks after I felt him come into my room every night and jump on my bed.  I couldn’t see anything there, but I could feel pressure on the bed.  I think I also heard him walk across the floor sometimes.
    Some years later, I had an indirect experience with a ghost.  When I was working at the Washington Navy Yard, I arrived at work one morning with some co-workers I was car pooling with to find that the door of the building was locked and the guard who usually sit inside the front door was missing.  A short while later someone from the security office arrived to let us in.  Later we got the story of what happened.  
    Very early that morning, the guard was sitting quietly at the desk when one of the elevators suddenly started and went up to the sixth (top) floor.  The building was supposed to be empty except for the guard.  After a minute or so, the elevator returned to the lobby.  When the doors opened, a man with one leg dresses in a very old style military uniform came out.  He walked (or floated) to the front door completely ignoring the guard sitting there too shocked to move.  The ghost then went right through the glass doors and floated away.  
    That was too much for the guard to handle.  He left the building, locking the door behind him and would not return.  We heard that he was fired because “since ghosts do not exist, he obviously fell asleep on the job and was dreaming”.
    Some interesting facts though.  The Washington Navy Yard has a long history of ghost encounters and is listed in one book I read years ago as one of the most haunted locations in the country.  And part of the history of the particular building we were in says that the leg of a Colonel that had to be amputated was “buried” within the walls of the building, which was being used as a was hospital, so his troops would not know how seriously he was wounded.  I think this was during the war of 1812, but I’m not sure.
    Anyway, those are the only two experiences I’ve had involving ghosts.  I half expect every time a relative, or one of my dogs die, that I will be visited by their ghost, but so far, that has not happened, at least, not that I was aware of.


Egotism Is

Egotism is believing that you know everything there is to know and anyone who believes something different is deluded.

Egotism is believing that certain experts or authorities are infallible and everything they say can be excepted as absolute truth, no questions.

Egotism is believing that your personal rights and desires are more important than the rights of others and society as a whole.

Egotism is believing that God should seek you out and convince you that He is real rather than you going to the trouble to seek Him out, and then saying that He doesn’t exist since He hasn’t taken the time to make Himself known to you.

We are all guilty of occasional egotism.  It is only a problem when we let it dominate and control us.

Self-importance hurts us, limiting us to the narrow world of our likes and dislikes.  We end up being bored to death with ourselfs and our world.  We end up never satisfied.
– Pema Chodron