I have not had much experience with ghosts in my life.  In fact, as far as I know, I have never actually seen a ghost.  The closest I have come is feeling a ghost.
    When I was a teenager, and our dog died, for about two weeks after I felt him come into my room every night and jump on my bed.  I couldn’t see anything there, but I could feel pressure on the bed.  I think I also heard him walk across the floor sometimes.
    Some years later, I had an indirect experience with a ghost.  When I was working at the Washington Navy Yard, I arrived at work one morning with some co-workers I was car pooling with to find that the door of the building was locked and the guard who usually sit inside the front door was missing.  A short while later someone from the security office arrived to let us in.  Later we got the story of what happened.  
    Very early that morning, the guard was sitting quietly at the desk when one of the elevators suddenly started and went up to the sixth (top) floor.  The building was supposed to be empty except for the guard.  After a minute or so, the elevator returned to the lobby.  When the doors opened, a man with one leg dresses in a very old style military uniform came out.  He walked (or floated) to the front door completely ignoring the guard sitting there too shocked to move.  The ghost then went right through the glass doors and floated away.  
    That was too much for the guard to handle.  He left the building, locking the door behind him and would not return.  We heard that he was fired because “since ghosts do not exist, he obviously fell asleep on the job and was dreaming”.
    Some interesting facts though.  The Washington Navy Yard has a long history of ghost encounters and is listed in one book I read years ago as one of the most haunted locations in the country.  And part of the history of the particular building we were in says that the leg of a Colonel that had to be amputated was “buried” within the walls of the building, which was being used as a was hospital, so his troops would not know how seriously he was wounded.  I think this was during the war of 1812, but I’m not sure.
    Anyway, those are the only two experiences I’ve had involving ghosts.  I half expect every time a relative, or one of my dogs die, that I will be visited by their ghost, but so far, that has not happened, at least, not that I was aware of.


2 thoughts on “My Experiences with Ghosts

  1. Chris says:

    An animal psychic told me once that after you’re animal passes away, their spirit will stay with you until you are ready to let go. She told me I would be awoken very early in the morning to hear the bark of the dog that had passed on saying a final goodbye. She was so right. At that time, I Had three dogs at my house. Sheba, Ike, and the love of my life – Caseylee. I had to have Sheba put down first. And the next morning around 6:00 am., I woke up to what I knew was Sheba’s bark. I knew then that she was saying goodbye. And then,Casey, Who I thought didn’t care much for Sheba, went out to her dog house and laid in front of it and looked up over the hill and just stared out into space as if he was mourning her passing. I knew, then, that they understand more about life than we think they do. Shortly after that, I had to have Ike put to sleep. And me and Casey were both devestated because Ike was such a special boy. He was Casey’s best friend and he had been such a big part of our life. About two weeks after I had Ike put down, I woke up around 6:00 am. to the sound of Ike barking. I knew immediately that He was saying goodby. Casey also woke up and wanted to go outside and He went and laid down where He and Ike used to play together, and he looked up over the hill and he was just so sad. I believe his best friend came back that morning to say goodbye. Shortly after that, I had to have Casey put down. And since then many things have happened to make me realize that their spirit lives on.

  2. Rosie says:

    I like you have never “seen” a ghost with my eyes but I have had quite a few ghost “experiences”. 1) The first time I ever felt a ghost was a few months after my brother died. The bathroom was attached to my bedroom and I was standing at the bathroom sink brushing my teeth when I suddenly got a strong feeling of someone behind me watching me. I turned quick and even though I didn’t physically see him I just knew he was there. I just knew it was him and I felt like he was checking on me, I was diagnosed with kidney disease and needed immediate surgery just a couple of months later. 2)A few years later I was driving in my car alone at night in town not fast and suddenly the books I had on the back seat flew off the seat so hard they hit the back of my seat. I heard my brothers voice say please watch out for my children. Not long after I got a call asking if his oldest could come live with me. 3) I had booked a cottage at Misquamicut beach with my friend Melody, my son (6) and my niece (18) and her boyfriend. We all arrived together and went into the cottage to unpack. There was a weird feeling that everyone noticed. Then things started happening like all the cupboard doors opened in the kitchen, something that looked like red nail polish suddenly was all over the door in the bedroom and we would set something down and a few minutes later it would be moved. We were all pretty freaked out. That night my son who was sharing the bed with me suddenly fell out of bed with force. He started yelling that someone pushed him out of bed and I knew he was right. I set up and said forcefully: “Whoever you are we are not here to hurt you or take over this house. We are only here for one week. I just went through a divorce and need this vacation and you are not going to chase us out or ruin our vacation. Leave us alone and I give you my word we will leave at the end of the week.” It apparently worked because there were no other incidents. 4) The night my father was buried when I got home I became violently ill, I couldn’t stop vomiting, I guess from the upset. Dad came and let me know he was alright. I would have thought I was hallucinating from the severe vomiting if my husband hadn’t known he was there too. 5) The last time was when I has lost something and frantically looked everywhere tearing the house apart. I suddenly had that feeling, and said Mom or Dad if your here and know where it is can you please somehow let me know. I sat there hoping for an answer and after a few minutes of not “hearing” one I walked frustrated to the couch and plopped down where my hand landed directly on the missing object right there between the cushions! I had looked there, taking the cushions right off, but there it was in my hand. Coincidence? Maybe, but I truly felt that they were there and that they did guide me to find it. That’s if as far as strong ones. There have been other times that I had slight feelings someone was around.

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