We have been hearing a lot recently about coral reefs dying because of global warming.  And that will cause many fish, crabs, and lobsters to die.  One thing I haven’t heard mentioned in any of these stories is the possibility of mutations developing.  It’s known that in areas where underwater volcanic vents keep the water unusually warm, fish, sponges and tube worms grow much larger than normal.  
    Will the warming of the ocean water cause mutations also?   Will the death of some species cause others to find new food sources?  Will eighty and ninety foot sharks start attacking fishing and pleasure boats?  Will mutant barracudas start swimming up rivers looking for food?  Will mutant dolphins or whales start coming on land again to hunt for food?  Will polar bears adapt to living in the water all the time?  Or maybe one of those lobstrosities from the Stephen King novels?  The largest lobster on record is 44 pounds and there is no reason to believe that there are not larger ones in the ocean that, with global warming could become 100 or 150 pound monsters that would come ashore at night to hunt.
    Most scientists will say none of this is going to happen because it takes millions of years for such changes to happen in a species.  While that is usually true, there is also some evidence that when changes occur on the planet, such as an ice age, some species manage to adapt and mutate rapidly to survive.  Plus there is increased solar radiation reaching Earth and radiation is also known to trigger mutations.  It’s total speculation, of course, but something to think about.


Random Thoughts 7-27-2008

Scientists discovered something new about the mysterious northern lights.  According to a NASA finding, magnetic explosions about one-third of the way to the moon cause the lights to burst into bright colors and shapes.

Strange news:

A court in Athens, Greece is considering a law suit filed by three residents of the island of Lesbos.  The don’t like gay women calling themselfs Lesbians since that is also what the residents of this island are called.

A thirty-year-old father in Oklahoma was arrested when his eight-year-old son told police that his father shoots him and his sister in the legs with a BB gun when they misbehave.

A twenty-year-old window cleaner in Australia survived a nine story fall with only a broken arm and a super wedgie from his harness.

Artist Martin Creed won Britain’s 2001 Turner Prize for his highly acclaimed installation of a lightbulb going off and on indefinitely in an otherwise-empty room.  Some of his other brilliant works of art:

  • A sprinter that runs through the art gallery every 30 seconds
  • A film of people vomiting titled “Sick Film”
  • A doorstop attached so the door can only open 45 degrees

Religion in the News:

While Irans leaders threaten and quote the Koran, the country’s multitudes of young adults are embracing New Age self-help, as exemplified by the best-selling books and sold-out seminars of motivational guru Alireza Azmandian.

A federal appeals court ruling that a Christian university in Colorado can receive state scholarship money is the latest in a string of legal victories for religious schools seeking public dollars.


Scripture: The Mundaka Upanishad, part II 1-2

Imperishable is the Lord of Love.
As from a blazing fire thousands of sparks,
Leap forth, so millions of  beings arise from the Imperishable,
And return to the Lord of Love.

The Lord of Love  is without body, above name and form.
He is present in all and transcends all.
Unborn, without body and without mind,
From Him comes every body and mind.
He is the source of space, air, fire, water,
And the earth that holds us all.

The true God, the God of Love that Jesus called Father, is the one imperishable God.  He has always existed and will always exist.  Everything comes from Him directly or indirectly.  His Light, Grace, Energy or Fire is the power that creates.  He has no physical body.  His body is the spiritual Light.  The Light that nourishes our souls.


Presidents and Prophecy

    I previously wrote an article about the visions of George Washington.  He was not the only president to have some form of psychic or prophetic vision.  There were also others who consulted trusted psychics.
    Abraham Lincoln, one of out greatest presidents, also had prophetic dreams and visions. Before he became president, Lincoln had a repeated dream of ascending to a high office, than falling to his doom.   After he became president, he reported to friends that he had dreamed of his own death.  He saw mourners weeping and soldiers standing guard around a corpse.  He asked one of the soldiers “who has died in the Whitehouse?” and was told “the president, he was assassinated.”  Ten day later, he was assassinated.
    Presidents Truman, Roosevelt, Nixon and Ford also consulted psychics, primarily Jeane Dixon, best known for predicting the assassination of John F. Kennedy.   And Nancy Reagan frequently consulted a trusted astrologer and passed her advice on to Ronald, and he often listened.  Some say it was because of the help of the astrologer that he broke the curse of zero-year presidents dying in office.