The analysis of Martian soil samples have surprised scientists.  In addition to seeing what appeared to be ice, the soil is more alkaline than they expected.  It would be possible for some Earth plans to grow in this soil.

A twenty-six year old man in Florida died after drinking 23 shots of vodka in a drinking contest with a friend.  More frightening, the CNN psychologist questioned about this indicated that binge drinking and drinking contests are becoming popular among young adults.

Another study this week found that hiding from the sun is not so healthy after all.  It leads to vitamin D deficiency which can cause heart problems and obesity in addition to being needed for calcium absorption.  Some exposure to sunlight is healthy, just don’t overdue it.

Rev. Roger Weld has added some great new photographs to his flickr album.

Some people think the soul grows from the physical body.  The soul is immortal spirit.  It existed before the body and will exist long after it.  It existed before time existed and it will exist after the end of time.  Time has no meaning in the realm of spirit.

The latest word on the melting ice cap is that the northern ice cap may be completely gone by the end of this year!  What effect that will have on climates and ocean currents is open to speculation, but it probably won’t be good.

Picture of the week:  Lilies in my garden


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