Information and communication are big business.  With the internet, hundreds of television channels and various intellegence agencies, information is becoming vitally important.  It is also important for us individually.  
    To make good decisions about our jobs, homes, what clothes to buy, what to eat, etc, we need good information.  Many problems can be connected to poor or incomplete information.  This even include the aging process.  
    When we are young, our bodies replace dying cells with new ones with something like a 99.9999% accuracy, but as we get older, it drops to maybe 99% or 98%.  Now for a factory making plastic buckets, that is probably great, but for your body, it’s not.   After several generations of cells have been replaced with 98% or 99% accuracy, the cells have been seriously damaged, and that is what we call aging.  The reason for the loss of accuracy is information.  A small amount of the information in the DNA is lost with each new generation of cells.
    There are things we can do to improve this and live longer, healthier lives.  First, the obvious ones: don’t smoke, don’t use drugs, don’t drink unfiltered tap water.  Many would add “don’t drink alcohol” to the list, but some recent studies indicate that an occasional drink, particularly wine, may have health benefits that outweigh the negative.  The key is moderation.  Another is to watch what you eat, avoiding fried foods and highly processed foods.  Get adequate rest and take time off.  Too many Americans are not taking their vacation time, some because they think they can’t afford to go somewhere special, so why bother, others because they are afraid that their boss will discover he can do just fine without them.  To the first group I say take the time anyway.  Even if you only go to a local park, it helps you get rid of stress.  To the second group, Surprise!, your boss already knows she can do without you for a week or two.  No one is that irreplaceable.  The real question is can your boss do without you permanently without having to hire someone else to replace you.  If the answer is yes, you should already be looking for another job, because sooner or later, someone will discover it.  If the answer is no, take the vacation.  Regular exercise will also help your body stay healthy.
    Beyond the physical things, the mind has a lot to do with aging.  Worrying, negative thinking, thinking of yourself as a victim all the time has a very damaging effect on the body.  You need to learn to stop thinking your a victim and recognize that you are the one responsible for your life and if your not happy with it, you are the one who has to change.
    Good information is also important for spiritual development.  That will be the subject of a future entry.


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