ABC News has recently been conducting some experiments in social responsibility.  The idea was to find out if Americans still show a sense of responsibility for others.  Sadly, the results indicate that for most, the answer is “no”.  
    In one experiment, an overweight young women actress was being taunted about her weight by two slim actresses.  Many walked by and noticed what was going on but only a few stepped in and told the slim girls to stop.  
    In another, two actors played a couple having an argument and the young man is seen to kick the young women in the shin.  Again, many saw this but only a few stopped to intervene.
    In the most recent experiment, what I think is the most damning of all, four seven year old actors, two boys and two girls, took turns standing on a busy city street crying (an undercover cop stood by to help them if there was any real trouble).  Now I have to admit that I didn’t see the entire story, but in the part that I did see, hundreds walked by these apparently lost, or otherwise distraught small children, and no one stopped.  No one even bothered to ask what was wrong.  Usually these stories end with the reporter asking some people why they stopped or why they didn’t.  In this case, I had to leave before that part of the story was aired so I don’t know what excuses were given.  I can only guess that in a big city, people have become so jaded or so leery of ripoffs that they simply assumed the kids were cons trying to get money from them.  While to some extent I can understand their concern, I think when the safety of a child is at stake, we need to take that chance.  Otherwise, we are truly lost as a society.


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