Strange Photos:

A giant tribble?

Tree hugging smurfs?

Now that’s a symbolic war monument!  A field of toilets.

Ever been this stubborn?

In religious News:

An army specialist has filed a “religious discrimination” lawsuit against the Army because he says he
was mistreated and made fun of when his fellow soldiers found out he was an Atheist.  I agree that he has a discrimination case, but “Religious”?  I thought the various Atheist groups have been strongly denying that it’s a religion so getting public schools and governments to support Atheism is not supporting a religion.  If that’s true,  how can it be “Religious Discrimination”?  It sounds like some folks are trying to have the cake and eat it too.

Florida may become the first state to offer a license plate with a religious symbol that is not a college logo.  There is no mention of any plans to offer people of other religions plates as well.


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