The Forces
There are forces that do [favors] for people.  They do not want people to come to [salvation], but they want there own existence to continue.  For if people come to salvation, sacrifice will [stop]…and animals will not be offered up to the forces.  In fact, those to whom the sacrifices were made were animals.  The animals were offered up alive, and after being offered they died.  But a human being was offered up to God dead, and the human being came alive.

Demons and devils live from the “blood”, the life force, of humans and animals sacrificed to them.  This is one reason why Jesus and other great prophets opposed sacrificing animals to God.  (Remember Jesus chased the money lenders out of the temple courtyard and knocked over the animal cages setting free the animals waiting to be sacrificed).  No matter the intentions of those making the sacrifice, when innocent persons or animals are sacrificed, the ones who benefit are demons, not God.  The only sacrifice God wants is to sacrifice your egotism so you can do His will and follow His Way rather than you telling God what you think He should do.  This doesn’t mean giving up your ego, just pushing it to the background sometimes.
(I usually use “He” for God by convention, I have previously explained that God is not male or female, though he has male and female aspects, parent aspect, child aspect, etc.)


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