Another giant fossil discovery.  A ten pound frog that may have eaten baby dinosaurs.

A crook stole tons of Pepperidge Farm stuffing.  I want to see his turkey.

And now sea spiders the size of dinner plates in Antarctic waters.

An interesting blog article about a psychic warning that stopped a pregnant woman from taking thalidomide.

A great photo album on Flikr by Roger Weld who is also a minister in the International Community of Christ.
I especially like the one titled “Father Sun“.

I previously blogged about sacred sounds.  Musical instruments can also create sacred sounds, especially bells and singing bowls.  Singing bowls can be metal or crystal.  I have a crystal one that I’m not very good at playing yet, but I thought I would post a short sample as my first podcast! 


More animal videos on YouTube.


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  1. Chris says:

    Loved the singing bowls.

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