China is one of the oldest civilizations on Earth so naturally it has a long history of prophecy.
    Lee, Chung-Feng, the personal prophet and military counsel of the 1st emperor of Tong dynasty (765 AD) is one of the most accurate prophets that ever existed in China.  He was a famous I-Ching and astrology master.  He wrote a book which has 60 poems and 60 cartoon drawings.   Each poem has a drawing, and each poem is a prophecy which describes a Chinese historical event that will occur in order. Here are a few that have already passed:

Poem #39  

When sun rises, everyone cries.  The air of December is not good.   South mountain has a bird, and the North is fallen.  When the chicken makes a noise, the sun shall set.

The sun represents the Empire of Japan, so this predicted the Japanese invasion of China.

Poem #41

God is blind.  The grass and trees grew downward.  + and – switch positions.  Up is earth, and down is the sun.  Everyone must wear red on his head without a head.  Abusing the power, when will this end?  9 and 19 years of big mistake. 

This predicts the Communist takeover of China.

And some prophesies of the future:

Poem #56

Flyers are not birds, swimmers are not fish, A war does not depend on soldiers.  It’s a game of technology.
Millions of miles of deadly smoke, on top a mushroom and at bottom a fountain.
A sight out of people’s imagination.  Big trouble not solved, but greater trouble arrives

A war of technology, nuclear bombs.

Poem #57

In an extreme situation, things turn around.  A three-feet tall kid, made all foreigners bow down.
When Blue West and Red Eaststruggle, a son of God appears, a gentleman who brings peace and stops the killing.
This unbelievable genius is from the middle of the two, westernized and thus ended all wars for good.

And a little Child shall lead them.

Poem #59

No castles, no walls.  No my, no yours.
The entire world becomes one family, prosper throughout the globe.
One man for the entire world’s joy,  Follows God’s will and prospers the world.
Red, yellow, black, white all together.  North, East, South, West in total harmony.

Man will live in peace and harmony and according to the Will of God.

Poem #60

One negative, and one positive, a never ending cycle,
Enders end themselves.  Starters start themselves.
The numbers of God will be studied at this stage.  The natural course of human race shall be broken.  Too many things to say here. Pushing the man’s back forcing him to rest is actually better.

The pursuit of material wealth and material goods will end and everyone will devote there time to spiritual development.

Another ancient Chinese prophet, Ju-Ge Liang  wrote 14 prophetic poems.

Poem #11:

Four doors are wide open,
Everything rushes in at once,
A whistle from the West,
Turns into devastation

The People’s Republic of China now holds an open door policy and promotes international trading.  The last two sentences of this poem indicate these friendly trade relations will not last long.

Poem #13:

The wise men will not be out-casted,
The entire world will become one family,
No title and no gain,
Glorified the Chinese culture.

The world will be united and the wise men will be listened to.

Poem #14:

When I got this hexagram,
The number shuffle comes to the end,
From ancient to today,
The reasoning is immense.

No further need for prophecy.  The time of change is over.  All is known.


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