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    You would think for a day that occurs only once every four years, there would be a lot of special ceremonies and traditions associated with it but, oddly, there are not.  
    There is one tradition that on this day woman are allowed to propose to men (some versions say leap year).  This was primarily intended for those women who had a boyfriend who just didn’t have the nerve to pop the question.  It was also started in a time when woman traditionally didn’t make decisions.  Now, it’s a bit outdated.
    The only other thing I could find was in The Old Farmers Almanac which says leap year is a bad year for sheep.  No further explanation was given.
    I think this should be a day for embracing, or at lease enjoying, the odd, the strange, the different.  A few suggestion:

  • Dance with the Naked Cowboy on the streets of New York
  • Visit a Ripley’s Museum
  • Have lunch with the weird guy (we all know one).  We might learn he thinks we’re wierd.
  • Do something you keep saying you want to try, but never get around to it
  • Visit a strange place like a haunted house

In short, this should definitely be a day to embrace diversity.


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