Slaves of the Machines

Are we becoming slaves of our machines?  The very machines we made to do work for us?
Most people would emphatically say “NO!”.  Well, let’s look at the evidence.

1) If I am accused of a crime, the law says I’m innocent until proving guilty.  And if my accuser is a person, it’s just his word against mine.  But if my accuser is a machine such as a radar gun or a red light camera, I’m assumed to be guilty unless I can prove the machine is faulty.  The burden of proof is now in favor of the machine over the person.

2) Have you ever heard of anyone being on call to replace a co-worker who gets sick or can’t get to work?  It may happen in a few companies, but I’ve never heard of it.  On the other hand, I know plenty of people who have to be on call to go work on a computer or a network, or other high-tech equipment that fails.

3) Does anyone stand in line for three or four days to meet a new President or Governor?  How about to meet a newborn baby?  But they will stand in line for days to get the latest and greatest techno-toy.

4) Some people have become so addicted to cell phone and similar devices that some churches, concert halls, theaters and restaurants have installed blockers to keep them from being used.

None of this makes us slaves of the machines – Yet!   But we sure seem to be headed in that direction.



Sometimes I am a mountain
steadfast and strong, solid and unmoving.

Sometimes I am a cloud
light, wispy, blown everywhere by the wind.

Sometimes I am an eagle
flying above the clouds
riding the wind with complete control,
landing on the mountain when the wind is too strong
or I just need to rest.

Sometimes I’m just a man
bound here to the Earth;
and sometimes I’m a spirit
Knowing heaven’s worth.