A walk in a park is a great way to get rid of stress.  A great what way to “recharge your batteries” as a German doctor once told me.  It can be in the woods, along the shore of a river, lake, or ocean, in the mountains or in the desert.  It’s best if it’s a place where there are few people.  Where you can feel connected with the natural environment: the trees, the flowers, the animals and by so doing, get in touch and in sync with the world, the stars and the Heavens.
    Several times a year I like to go to Leesylvania park which is just a few miles from my home.  I take my dogs and we walk through the woods and along the shore of the Potomac river for an hour or two.  It also gives me and the dogs some good exercise which nearly all of us could use.


2 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park

  1. Linda LeBrun says:

    love your walks rosie, wish I could walk with you…
    A walk in the park,
    watching the stars talk to us at night time and wondering what they are saying?
    In silence God talks…
    Aloneness hard to find these days..
    Life keeps us even more busy then before
    Stop Life! and let me mellow for awhile In nothingness, in the silence in the depth of the heart…

  2. rosie says:

    Walking has always been my favorite form of exercise. I love walking out in the woods or on the lake road. Thats part of why we moved to Maine. I don’t get nearly enough walking in but when I do I always come back feeling more connected and with a sense of belonging and peace. I think most outside single person sports are like that.For example riding a bike in the country or a winding coast road. Riding in a kayak or canoe in a peaceful lake or horseback riding etc. Those things that connect you with nature and God.

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