Random Thoughts

Now that we’re getting cold nights, my dogs frequently want to sleep with me on my bed.  Sometime they both get on the same side of me, but occasionally, I get one big dog on each side with me squished in the middle.  Kind of a giant, furry ham sandwich.  

Are we becoming a nation of hypochondriacs?  Some doctors think so.  Marketing of drugs is not only convincing people to ask their doctor for a specific treatment, but also convincing them that they have the illness it treats.  Marketers have even renamed illnesses to make them more acceptable.  Few man would go to the doctor and ask to be treated for Impotence, but when the marketers changed the name to Erectile Dysfunction, well that was different.  Anyone could have occasional erectile dysfunction and ask his doctor to treat him for it, especially when a healthy looking, macho actor on TV tells you:  “I have occasional erectile dysfunction so I asked my doctor for Stiffenupit ™, it works for me!”

Its too bad the artist who did my phoenix tattoo a few years ago moved.  He was a great artist.  If he tattooed hair on a bald guys head, that guy would get dandruff!

Pencil or Pen? 
Some say a pencil is best because we all make mistakes.
Some say a pen is best because we should be confident and not plan for errors.
Of course now it doesn’t make much difference.  We use a keyboard and let spell checker fix the errors.
Spell checker is a great help but grammar checker would be even better.  Without it
eye can still right some thing totally beau gust that wood not be a proved by W. shake spear.
And spell checker has no problem with it!


The Life Force

The life force is everywhere so it is logical that life is everywhere. 

Scientists tell us our sun is just a minor star and our solar system a minor part of out galaxy, not the center of it at all, and our galaxy is a very small part of the universe.  Yet when it comes to searching for life in the universe, why do they only search for life that is virtually identical to earth life? 

It seems a bit arrogant to assume that life on this one planet is the pattern for life everywhere in the universe as if we invented life and are in charge of it.  Just because life here is carbon based and needs lots of water doesn’t mean that is true everywhere.  Yet, when looking for planets that may have life, scientists look only at planets very similar to earth.  The so called “M” class planets.

The life force is a very powerful force.  Look at the totally unexpected places where life has been found on earth.
So that force will find a way, in time, to create life from whatever raw material is available.  Perhaps even in the stars themselves.