Talking to God

Some people complain that they pray to God or talk to God but they don’t get an answer from God.  Maybe the problem is that they don’t know how to listen to God. 
If you want to hear God you have to listen on the right frequencies and in the right way. First, you won’t hear God with your ears.  You have to listen with your soul.  Second, getting your frequency closer to God’s will also help you hear.  God is sending out his message 24/7.  You just have to tune your internal radio to the right frequency.  So what is the right frequency?  Well think of this.  Plants operate at a very low frequency.  Animals a little higher than the plants.  Children’s normal frequency higher than the animals and adults higher than children. So which direction should you move in to get closer to God, Angels and other advanced beings?  Meditation Gurus will tell you to lower your frequencies.  Well that may be fine for relaxing and relieving tension, is it really moving closer to God?  Think about it.

Book of the Week: Frommer’s Cruises and Ports of Call

Frommer’s Cruises and Ports of Call

The weather is starting to get colder and some of us are planning out winter vacation already.  If a Cruise is your idea of a vacation, this book is a good guide.  It covers in detail all of the major cruise lines and ships.  It also covers most departure ports and ports of call including recommended shore excursions.