I don’t have a lot of memories of when I was a small child.  One of the most vivid I do have is of a big red teddy bear that I had when I was three or four.  I mentioned that to my mother once several years ago and she didn’t remember it.  It was not significant to her.  But I remembered it!  How could I forget a teddy bear that was bigger than me!

Memories are strange things.  Some things we forget, others we remember.  And it’s not always the good things we remember.  And sometimes two people remember the same thing differently.  Who is right?  Does it matter?  Maybe how we remember something is more important than the thing itself.



At Red Rock Sanctuary all of out Churches are open air churches.  Even the Cathedral of The Americas.
We don’t want to block out God’s Light.

This caused some problems with the Nevada tax collectors.  The definition of Church in the tax code did not allow for open air churches so ours were  taxable as non-church property.  Fortunately, we were able to get the definition changed.  Sometimes you can fight city hall.