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The Great Sphinx of Truth and Knowledge

“Confronting mankind there stands a sphinx—the vast unknown. However well a man may be informed concerning a specific subject, his furthermost outlook concerning that subject is bounded by an impenetrable infinity. And the ‘discovered,’ as I will show, has only transferred ignorance to other laces. Science has confined its labors to superficial descriptions, not the elucidation of the fundamental causes of phenomena. … She dare not attempt to explain the why even of the simplest things. … How does the maple tree secrete a sweet, wholesome sap, and deadly nightshade growing in the same soil and living on the same elements, a poison? …
“That word Why to man dominates the universe. It covers all phenomena, and thrusts inquiry back from every depth.” ~John Uni Lloyd

The Great Sphinx

When you talk about a sphinx, most people immediately see a great statue in Egypt. That statue, however, is a depiction of a sphinx, not the thing itself. The sphinx represents a mystery, the unknown, the great riddle of the universe, and beyond.

The Limits of Science

There is no doubt that the scientific community has found answers to many questions. They can tell us what chemical make some people have red hair, while others have brown or blond. They can tell us what chemicals make some peppers hot while others are not. They can tell us what makes the sun hot. They can tell us that ice expands when it freezes. They can tell us that metals liquify when heated enough. They can even tell us at what temperature each type of metal will melt. They are good at discovering the whats and wherefores of the universe, but not so good with the whys.

They can tell us that a certain chemical in some peppers makes them hot, but they can’t really say why some peppers have a lot of that chemical, and others don’t. They can’t say why some plants spread their seeds using the wind, while others rely on birds, insects, or animals to spread the seeds. They can’t tell us why plants exist at all.

The Seeker Asks Why

Whether they realize it or not, the seekers of the world are really trying to answer that question “Why?”. Telling them that copper makes red hair isn’t enough. They want to know why they have red hair. They want to know why they have hair at all. Most of all, they want to know the root causes of it all.

Science might be able to give those answers if it would go beyond the limitations of the material plane, but few scientists are willing to do that. When they do, they are often ridiculed by those who refuse to look over the fence, to look outside the cave of matter.

The Spiritual Teacher

Religion generally doesn’t do any better than science in this. Today’s churches are often just as materialistic as the business and scientific communities. They too look for answers in matter rather than in spirit. When they do venture beyond the realms of matter, it is often made up nonsense that pleases the congregation, but is not based on any spiritual truth. It has no actual answers for the Sphinx.

A real spiritual teacher, however, is both religious and scientific. He applies the rules of science and scientific study in exploring the realms beyond matter. Since matter ans spirit are very different, the study of spirit must be different, yet still scientific. You cannot put a spirit on a scale and weigh it to prove it exists. A spirit has no weight, but it is still real. A spirit has no beginning and no end, so cannot be measured. That doesn’t make it ay less real.

So if man really wished to answer the great riddle of the Sphinx, he needs to embrace spirituality as well as science, the non-material as well as the material. Maybe soon the scientists and the spiritual seekers will join together to find the real truth. But for now, we must learn different things from each discipline and put it together ourselves. We must each solve the riddle of the Sphinx.

Christ Sun spiritual oneness

Seek Divine Light as Well as Material Light

Disciple: But is it not for me to attain, if I can, both the Light of God, and the Light of the outward Nature too, and to make use of them both for the ordering of my life wisely and prudently?
Master: It is Right so to do. And it is indeed a treasure above all earthly treasures to be possessed of the Light of God and Nature operating in their spheres, and to have both the Eye of Time and Eternity at once open together, and yet not to interfere with each other.
Disciple: This is a great satisfaction to me to hear; having been very uneasy about it for some time. But how can this be without interfering with each other, there is the difficulty?
Master: … It will be necessary, my child, in the first place to wait for and attend the Supernatural and Divine Light, as this superior Light appointed to govern the day, rising in the true East, which is the center of Paradise, and the Great Light breaking forth as out of the darkness within thee …
Wherefore seek the Fountain of Light, waiting in the deep ground of thy soul for the rising there of the Sun of Righteousness, whereby the Light of Nature in thee, with the properties thereof, will be made to shine seven times brighter than ordinary.” ~Jakob Bohme

Some believe that in order to seek the Divine Light, the Light of God, the light of the Sun of Righteousness, one must divorce herself completely from the material world, material goods, and even the light of the spiritual sun. This is not true and is foolish to even attempt when one is not ready. Besides, it is virtually impossible to get the light of the spiritual sun without also getting light from the natural sun, the sun of matter. The highly developed spiritual people called the Essenes still ate physical food at least once a month and Jesus didn’t fast forever, just forty days. They knew that one could not completely give up the natural as long as one had a material body, but they avoided becoming attached to the physical.

It is a matter of emphasis. By placing the emphasis on spiritual development and on taking in that Divine Light, one does not have to be overly concerned that he is also exposed to the physical light and to the world of matter. The world of matter cannot be avoided as long as we have physical bodies, but we can keep it to a minimum and subordinate to the spiritual. Continue reading “Seek Divine Light as Well as Material Light”

need for God

Need for God and Community

“Just as man, as a social being, cannot in the long run exist without a tie to the community, so the individual will never find the real justification for his existence and his own spiritual and moral autonomy anywhere except in the extramundane principle capable of relativizing the overpowering influence of external factors. The individual who is not anchored in God can offer no resistance on his own resources to the physical and moral blandishments of the world. For this he needs the evidence of inner, transcendent experience which alone can protect him from the otherwise inevitable submersion in the mass. Merely intellectual or eve moral insight into the stultification and moral irresponsibility man is a negative recognition only and amounts to not much more than a wavering on the road to the atomization of the individual. It lacks the driving force of religious conviction since it is merely rational. The dictator state has one great advantage over bourgeois reason: along with the individual it swallows up the religious forces. The state takes the place of God: that is why, seen from this angle, the socialist dictatorships are religions and state slavery is a form of worship. But the religious function cannot cannot be dislocated and falsified in this way without rise to secret doubts, which are immediately suppressed repressed so as to avoid conflict with the prevailing trend toward mass-madness.” ~Carl G. Jung

The Need for Community

For thousands of years, awakened spiritual individuals have forms communities. They may have been called schools, academies, or other terms, but they were all communities. Why? The answer is simple: on a spiritual level, we give each other strength and conviction when we work together. Others in the community can help us defend ourselves when we are being attacked, whether by human or supernatural forces. We can learn from each other in a community. Most of all, such a community project a mass aura of protection around itself that helps shield them from the evils of the world.

Justification for Existence

As a puppet of the corporate-state entity currently in power, most never even try to justify their existence. They accept as normal that they are but a tiny cog in the great machine of commerce and government. Only a few start to question this life, and they are usually suppressed rather quickly in one way or another.

For those who do start to question, it is hard to justify their existence as anything but accidental and meaningless when they don’t believe in God, or some higher force. After all, what could give you purpose other than something higher than that repressive industrial-military complex running the physical world?

Need for God

Whether we speak of God, the Universe, the All, or some other name for the Creator, we must be, as Jung says, anchored in God. This means more than a vague belief that there is a good, and more than just attending church services as a social obligation more than a truly spiritual one. We must not only recognize that God exists, but have a strong desire to serve and obey God. We must recognize that this Supreme Power is greater than the state if we are to escape the slavery of the state.

Merely Intellectual

Jung says that merely intellectual or moral insight, contrary to what most atheists claim, is not enough to overcome the control of the state and business interests. As Jung puts it, it is but a wavering on the road of state slavery. So if you really want to escape state slavery, and awaken your spiritual faculties, you must believe in God and believe that serving God is your best option to state slavery.

magical mandrake

Magical Mandrake as an Analogy

“The mandragora officinarum or mandrake, is accredited with possessing the most remarkable magical powers. Its narcotic properties were recognized by the Greeks, who employed it to deaden pain during surgical operations, and it has been identified also with baaras, the mystic herb used by the Jews for casting out demons. … The occult properties of the mandrake, while little understood, have been responsible for the adoption of the plant as a talisman capable of increasing the value or quantity of anything with which it was associated.As a phallic charm, the mandrake was considered to be an infallible cure for sterility. … The root of the plant closely resembles a human body and often bore the outlines of the human head, arms, or legs. This striking similarity between the body of man and the mandragora is one of the puzzles of natural science nd is the real basis for the veneration in which this plan was held. ….

According to a popular superstition, the mandrake shrank from being touched and, crying out with a human voice, clung desperately to the soil in which it was imbedded. … During the Middle Ages, mandrake charms brought great prices and an art was evolved by which the resemblance between the mandrake and the human body was considerably accentuated. Like most superstitions, the belief in the peculiar powers of the mandrake was founded upon an ancient doctrine concerning the true nature of the plant. ‘It is slightly narcotic,’ says Eliphas Levi, ‘and an aphrodisiacal virtue was ascribed to it by the ancients. … The analogies of Nature compel us to admit the notion, at least as a possibility, that the first men were, in this case, a family of gigantic, sensitive mandragora, animated by the sun, who rooted themselves up from the earth.’” ~Manly P. Hall

Magical Mandrake

While the mandrake has physical properties such as being a narcotic and pain reducer, those physical properties are not really magical. The use by the Jews to cast out demons seems more like magic. Having the ability to increase the quality or quantity of anything it is associated with is certainly a magical property, and a highly desirable one. But is there any real evidence that it has those magical properties?

Exagerated Mandrake from Harry Potter

Magical Mandrake Explained

While the magical mandrake may have narcotic and pain-killing abilities, the other properties may be due simply to the placebo effect. That means that when given a useless treatment that they are told will work, about twenty percent of the people will get well simply because they believed the treatment would work. Belief is a powerful thing. Or it may be that the real powers of the mandrake are more spiritual but the mystery schools didn’t want to reveal its true properties so they gave the mandrake magical ones.

Magical Mandrake Men

Eliphas Levi suggests that the real secret of the mandrake is that the men were actually giant sensitive mandrakes. What evidence he may have of that idea is not given. I suspect that like many myths regarding spiritual things, it is allegorical rather than literal. We get a hint of that when he says these magical mandrake men were “animated by the sun”. Here he is saying much in a short statement if only more of us understood the allegory. What it is saying is that just as the sun turned ordinary mandrakes into magical mandrakes, so also the Spiritual Sun turns plant-like humans into spiritual super-beings by awakening their latent spiritual faculties.

Cross of Christ

Cross of Christ is not a Crucifix

“The master answered and said, “I tell you the truth, none will be saved unless they believe in my cross, for the kingdom of God belongs to those who have believed in my cross. Be seekers of death, then, like the dead who seek life, for what they seek becomes apparent to them. And what is there to cause them concern? As for you, when you search out death, it will teach you about being chosen. I tell you the truth: No one afraid of death will be saved, for the kingdom of death belongs to those who are put to death. Become better than I. Be like the child of the holy spirit.” Then I asked him, “Master, can we prophesy to those who ask us to prophesy to them? There are many who bring a request to us and look to us to hear our pronouncement.” The master answered and said, “Do you not know that the head of prophecy was cut off with John?” But I said, “Master, is it not impossible to remove the head of prophecy?” The master said to me, “When you realize what ‘head’ means, and that prophecy comes from the head, then understand the meaning of ‘its head was removed.’ “First I spoke with you in parables, and you did not understand. Now I am speaking with you openly, and you do not grasp it. Nevertheless, you were for me a parable among parables and a disclosure among things revealed. “Be eager to be saved without being urged. Rather, be fervent on your own and, if possible, outdo even me, for this is how the father will love you. “Come to hate hypocrisy and evil intention. Intention produces hypocrisy, and hypocrisy is far from truth. “Do not let the kingdom of heaven wither away.” ~The Secret Book of James

Cross of Christ

I quoted the paragraph previous to this one from the Secret Book of James (also called the Apocryphon of James) in an earlier post. That paragraph ended with a brief mention of the Cross of Jesus. In this one, Jesus, who is physically dead and is appearing to the apostles in spirit form, is continuing on the discussion about the cross. It should be clear to any thinking person that the cross being discussed here is not the crucifix that Jesus died on. There is nothing holy or desirable in the crucifix or any tool of death.

Cross of God

Only a few people seem to know this, but a cross was used as a symbol for God long before the death of Jesus. In fact, the earliest known symbol for God is a circle with a cross in it. cross of forcesThis symbol not only represents God but tells those who are smart enough to interpret it that if we want to communicate with God (the cross) we should look to the Spiritual Sun (the circle). Other variations existed including variations of the Cross of Christ, examples of which can be found on ancient monuments and gravestones in such places as China and Japan.

The Real Cross

The true Cross of Christ is not a crucifix. It is a cross with four equal sides. In addition, it has three circles at each of the four ends. It may also have a circle in the middle surrounded by four smaller circles. The cross that is the trademarked symbol for Cosolargy is one such cross. This design was carefully planned to fill the needs of a new church of Light and to represent Christ. The cross of Christ is a powerful tool in helping us awaken our own Christ Self. It is a gradual process but is definitely worth the time and effort. Of course, the real Cross of Christ is not carved in stone or printed on paper. The real Cross of Christ is found in every beam of Spiritual Light Flowing to us from the Spiritual Sun.

grief or sorrow

Grief or Sorrow Over Our Failures

“Where the matter may be effected agreeably unto both the Gods and men in common, there can be no just cause of grief or sorrow. For where the fruit and benefit of an action well begun and prosecuted according to the proper constitution of man may be reaped and obtained, or is sure and certain, it is against reason that any damage should there be suspected. In all places, and at all times, it is in thy power religiously to embrace whatsoever by God’s appointment is happened to thee, and justly to converse with those men, whom thou has to do with, and accurately to examine every fancy that presents itself, that noting may slip and steal in, before thou has rightly apprehended the true nature of it.

“Look not about on other men’s understanding; but look right on forwards into nature, both that of the universe, in those things that happen to thee; and thine in particular, in those things that are done by thee: doth lead and direct thee. Now everyone is bound to do that which is consequent and agreeable to that end which by his true natural constitution he was ordained to do. … That therefore which is chief in every persons constitution is that he intend the common good. The second is that they yield not to any lusts and motions of the flesh.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Grief or Sorrow

When Aurelius says there is no “just cause of grief or sorrow,” he is specifically talking about grieving or being sorry because our actions and choices do not produce the results intended or expected. Of course, the death of a close friend or relative is justification, but not our own actions. In other words, we should not regret what we have done, but learn from it and move on.

Fruit and Benefit of an Action

Aurelius is saying that there are two possible benefits of each action we take. One is that the action produces the desired benefit and we are joyful. The other is that we learn a lesson about making wise choices. In both cases, we benefit. Of course, there is a third possible outcome which is that we don’t get the desired result and instead of learning from it we sulk in grief or sorrow at the death of our great plan. We need to look at it more as we would if it happened to someone else. We need to ask ourselves if our motive for wanting the desired result was a just and deserving one. Did it serve God’s plan? Would it truly benefit us, or simply spoil us into expecting the universe and all in it to be our servants. Asking such questions will help us make wiser decisions in the future. Being consumed with grief or sorrow will not. Continue reading “Grief or Sorrow Over Our Failures”