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The Great Sphinx of Truth and Knowledge

“Confronting mankind there stands a sphinx—the vast unknown. However well a man may be informed concerning a specific subject, his furthermost outlook concerning that subject is bounded by an impenetrable infinity. And the ‘discovered,’ as I will show, has only transferred ignorance to other laces. Science has confined its labors to superficial descriptions, not the elucidation of the fundamental causes of phenomena. … She dare not attempt to explain the why even of the simplest things. … How does the maple tree secrete a sweet, wholesome sap, and deadly nightshade growing in the same soil and living on the same elements, a poison? …
“That word Why to man dominates the universe. It covers all phenomena, and thrusts inquiry back from every depth.” ~John Uni Lloyd

The Great Sphinx

When you talk about a sphinx, most people immediately see a great statue in Egypt. That statue, however, is a depiction of a sphinx, not the thing itself. The sphinx represents a mystery, the unknown, the great riddle of the universe, and beyond.

The Limits of Science

There is no doubt that the scientific community has found answers to many questions. They can tell us what chemical make some people have red hair, while others have brown or blond. They can tell us what chemicals make some peppers hot while others are not. They can tell us what makes the sun hot. They can tell us that ice expands when it freezes. They can tell us that metals liquify when heated enough. They can even tell us at what temperature each type of metal will melt. They are good at discovering the whats and wherefores of the universe, but not so good with the whys.

They can tell us that a certain chemical in some peppers makes them hot, but they can’t really say why some peppers have a lot of that chemical, and others don’t. They can’t say why some plants spread their seeds using the wind, while others rely on birds, insects, or animals to spread the seeds. They can’t tell us why plants exist at all.

The Seeker Asks Why

Whether they realize it or not, the seekers of the world are really trying to answer that question “Why?”. Telling them that copper makes red hair isn’t enough. They want to know why they have red hair. They want to know why they have hair at all. Most of all, they want to know the root causes of it all.

Science might be able to give those answers if it would go beyond the limitations of the material plane, but few scientists are willing to do that. When they do, they are often ridiculed by those who refuse to look over the fence, to look outside the cave of matter.

The Spiritual Teacher

Religion generally doesn’t do any better than science in this. Today’s churches are often just as materialistic as the business and scientific communities. They too look for answers in matter rather than in spirit. When they do venture beyond the realms of matter, it is often made up nonsense that pleases the congregation, but is not based on any spiritual truth. It has no actual answers for the Sphinx.

A real spiritual teacher, however, is both religious and scientific. He applies the rules of science and scientific study in exploring the realms beyond matter. Since matter ans spirit are very different, the study of spirit must be different, yet still scientific. You cannot put a spirit on a scale and weigh it to prove it exists. A spirit has no weight, but it is still real. A spirit has no beginning and no end, so cannot be measured. That doesn’t make it ay less real.

So if man really wished to answer the great riddle of the Sphinx, he needs to embrace spirituality as well as science, the non-material as well as the material. Maybe soon the scientists and the spiritual seekers will join together to find the real truth. But for now, we must learn different things from each discipline and put it together ourselves. We must each solve the riddle of the Sphinx.

Christ Sun spiritual oneness

Seek Divine Light as Well as Material Light

Disciple: But is it not for me to attain, if I can, both the Light of God, and the Light of the outward Nature too, and to make use of them both for the ordering of my life wisely and prudently?
Master: It is Right so to do. And it is indeed a treasure above all earthly treasures to be possessed of the Light of God and Nature operating in their spheres, and to have both the Eye of Time and Eternity at once open together, and yet not to interfere with each other.
Disciple: This is a great satisfaction to me to hear; having been very uneasy about it for some time. But how can this be without interfering with each other, there is the difficulty?
Master: … It will be necessary, my child, in the first place to wait for and attend the Supernatural and Divine Light, as this superior Light appointed to govern the day, rising in the true East, which is the center of Paradise, and the Great Light breaking forth as out of the darkness within thee …
Wherefore seek the Fountain of Light, waiting in the deep ground of thy soul for the rising there of the Sun of Righteousness, whereby the Light of Nature in thee, with the properties thereof, will be made to shine seven times brighter than ordinary.” ~Jakob Bohme

Some believe that in order to seek the Divine Light, the Light of God, the light of the Sun of Righteousness, one must divorce herself completely from the material world, material goods, and even the light of the spiritual sun. This is not true and is foolish to even attempt when one is not ready. Besides, it is virtually impossible to get the light of the spiritual sun without also getting light from the natural sun, the sun of matter. The highly developed spiritual people called the Essenes still ate physical food at least once a month and Jesus didn’t fast forever, just forty days. They knew that one could not completely give up the natural as long as one had a material body, but they avoided becoming attached to the physical.

It is a matter of emphasis. By placing the emphasis on spiritual development and on taking in that Divine Light, one does not have to be overly concerned that he is also exposed to the physical light and to the world of matter. The world of matter cannot be avoided as long as we have physical bodies, but we can keep it to a minimum and subordinate to the spiritual. Continue reading “Seek Divine Light as Well as Material Light”


Regeneration of the Sacred Self

“Thou will ask, ‘What is the New Regeneration?’ or ‘how is it done in Man?’ Hear and see, stop not thy Mind, but not thy mind be filled by the spirit of this world, with its might and pomp. Take thy mind and break through the spirit of this world entirely. Incline thy mind into the kind love of God; make thy purpose earnest and strong to break through the pleasure of this world with thy Mind, and not to regard it. Consider that thou art not at home in this world, but that thou art a strange guest, captivated in a closed prison. Cry and call to Him who has the Key to the prison; yield thyself up to Him, in obedience, righteousness, modesty, charity, and truth. And seek not so eagerly after the Kingdoms of this World. … Then the chaste virgin will meet thee in thy in thy Mind highly and deeply, and will lead thee to thy bridegroom, who has the key to the Gate of the Deep. … Thou will break through as the daybreak; … yet the rays of the break of the day will appear to thee in the Paradise, in which place the chaste virgin stands, waiting for thee with the joy of the angels, who will very kindly receive thee in thy newborn mind and spirit.” ~Jacob Boehme

New Regeneration

Born again, rebirth, regeneration. Whatever words we use for it, the true meaning of them all is the same. Unfortunately, many have no idea what that meaning is. When Jesus spoke of the need to be born again, his apostles questioned how that could be possible. They had already been born once, they noted, how could they do it again? Believers in reincarnation of the physical body think that is what it refers to. Others believe that simply becoming aware of the illusion and falsehoods of the world of materialism is being reborn, or regenerated. While all of those ideas have some merit, the great spiritual teachers, masters, and Messiahs would not have placed so much importance on such ordinary events. They had to be talking about something else, something that rarely happened. That is why they came here to teach us about it and how to do it.

The regeneration they speak of is the rebirth of the spirit and soul. It is not truly a rebirth, because the spirit and soul are never dead. They are, however, dormant when we come into this world. Making them conscious and fully functional is the new regeneration Boehme is talking about. Continue reading “Regeneration of the Sacred Self”

gnostic mystics

Gnostic Mystics and True Knowledge

“The Gnostics were religious mystics who proclaimed Gnosis, knowledge, as the way of salvation. To know oneself truly allowed Gnostic men and women to know God directly, without any need for the mediation of rabbis, priests, bishops, imams, or other religious officials. … They accepted insight wherever it could be found. Like those who came before them, they embraced a personified wisdom, Sophia, understood variously and taken as the manifestation of divine insight.

“They concluded that a distinction, often a dualistic distinction, must be made between the transcendent, spiritual deity, who is surrounded by aeons and is all wisdom and light, and the creator of the world, who is at best incompetent and at worst malevolent. Yet through everything, they maintained, a spark of transcendent knowledge, wisdom, and light persists within people who are in the know. The transcendent deity is the source of that enlightened life and light. The meaning of the creation drama, when properly understood, is that human beings—Gnostics in particular—derive their knowledge and light from the transcendent God, but through the mean-spirited actions of the Demiurge, the creator of the world, they have been confined within this world. (The platonic aspects of this imagery are apparent.) Humans in this world are imprisoned, asleep, drunken, fallen, ignorant. They need to find themselves—to be freed, awakened, made sober, raised, and enlightened. In other words, they need to return to Gnosis.” ~Marvin Meyer

Gnostic Mystics

The Gnostics were mystics in the best sense of the word. They were not court magicians. They didn’t use spells to control people. They were seekers of truth and wisdom. They were spiritual teachers and healers. That is what real mystics do.

Knowledge is Salvation

But why would the Gnostic mystics think that knowledge is the way of salvation? Does that mean only people with college degrees will be saved? Does it mean that only those who have read many books will get to Heaven? No, not at all.

The knowledge we are talking about is never found in books or in state-approved classrooms. It is not the superficial knowledge of the illusions that make up the world of matter. This knowledge must be sought out and experienced by each of us individually. It is found by looking within and looking without to higher dimensions. It is not found by lowering your frequencies to those of bugs and toads but by raising them to those of angels and light beings. All the books and teachers can do is give you hints of what you will find and where to look for that knowledge.

Know God Directly

The Gnostic mystics did want to know God directly. Many of them succeeded in doing that. But it requires following a path of spiritual growth and development that takes years. This kind of knowledge cannot be dropped on us overnight. It is so overwhelming that it can—and has—driven people mad. It has to be obtained a little at a time so it won’t overwhelm us. First, we will reach a stage where we get occasional insights from the realms of spirit. Then we are able to communicate with angels and Light Beings. Eventually, we become one with God and then know God directly. That is the ultimate goal of the Gnostic mystics.

By Any Other Name

The Gnostic mystics have been known by many names. Most people think that Gnostics came into existence in the early centuries of Christianity, but that is only true of Christ Gnostics. Long before those Gnostics, thee were the Essenes, the Therapeutae of Egypt and Greece, the Pythagoreans, and others who could easily be classified as Gnostic mystics. While historians generally don’t think those groups go back to more than a century or two before the Christian era, the Essenes claimed to go back much further.

cosmos of wisdom

Cosmos of Wisdom, Universe of Light

“When after an interval of rest, our Earth system appears as the successor of this Cosmos of Wisdom, all the beings newly emerging on the earth, developed out of their moon-germs, prove to be filed with wisdom. And this is the reason why earthly man when contemplating the things around him , is able to discover the wisdom concealed in their inner nature. The wisdom in each leaf of a plant, in every bone in animal and man, in the marvelous structure of the brain and heart, fills us with admiration. If man requires wisdom to understand things, and therefore gathers wisdom from them, this shows that there is wisdom in the things themselves. For however much man might have striven to understand things by by means of wise perceptions, he could not draw wisdom from them if it had not been put into them. He who tries by means of wisdom to understand things, assuming at the same time that wisdom had not been concealed within them, may just as reasonable believe that he can empty water out of a glass into which it had not first been poured.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Cosmos of Wisdom

To say that the cosmos is one of wisdom is to say that it has hidden meaning and knowledge within it. That is true, and fairly obvious, at many levels. Even the most materialistic scientists who believe nothing exists beyond matter do not claim that we already know everything. Even on that level, there remains much to be learned. There is also much which can’t be learned if trapped in that philosophy since there will always be things that can never be understood as part of a universe of only matter and no spirit.

Those who have awakened to some degree are aware that wisdom is not found in books or anything else of matter. It is found in spirit. It is broadcast throughout the realms of spirit and received by the soul. Only the soul can understand. But as Steiner says, there is wisdom in everything and every being. And if we start looking for that wisdom within them, we will start seeing the world in a whole new way. Continue reading “Cosmos of Wisdom, Universe of Light”

river of light

River of Light and Logos of God

“For those still mainly concerned with the bodily forms of virtue, the Logos of God becomes hay and straw, sustaining the possible aspect of their souls and guiding it to the service of the virtues. For those who have advanced to the true contemplation of divine things, the Logos is bread, sustaining the intellective [sic] aspect of their souls and guiding it to a godlike perfection. That is why we find the patriarchs on their journeys providing themselves with bread and their asses with fodder. …

“In scripture the Logos of God is called and actually is dew, water, spring and river. According to the subjective capacity of the recipient. To some He is dew because He quenches the burning energy of the passions which assail the body from without. To those seared to the depths of their being by the poison of evil He is water, not only because water through sympathy destroys its opposite, but also because it bestows a vivifying power conducive to well-being. To those in whom the fountain of contemplative experience is continually active He is a spring bestowing wisdom. To those from whom flows the true teachings of salvation, He is a river copiously watering men, domestic animals, wild beasts, and plants.” ~The Philokalia

Logos as Fodder

Why would anyone see the Logos, the Divine Light of God, as hay or straw? For the same reason, an atheist sees God as imaginary, or a hotel developer sees a flower garden as wasted space. So what the Philokalia is saying is that when that divine light enters such people, the effect is no greater than what happens when you feed hay to a horse or donkey. It won’t awaken the souls of such people any more than straw will awaken the divinity in the donkey.

Today, as many are being encouraged to engage in sun gazing, some such people try it. They may get some physical benefits, just as the donkey gets nourishment from the straw. However, there will be little, if any, spiritual benefit. They are attuned to the wrong frequencies of that light. Just as your radio will only play the channel it is tuned to, your body and spirit will only absorb the frequencies you are connecting with.

Logos as Bread

Here bread is allegorical. Physical bread is not going to be any more effective at awakening our spiritual faculties than straw is. But it is being used here as an allegory for those frequencies of light that do awaken those faculties. The bread here is the Divine Light of the spiritual sun or Sun of Righteousness.

River of Light, and More

The Philokalia then shifts gears, in a sense, and starts referring to the Logos as various forms of water. This is also an allegory. It is an allegorical reference common in the scripture of various religions because it symbolizes how Logos flows. It isn’t something static. It flows into us and fills us much like water filling a jar.

Dew of Light

I’m not so sure about dew, the lightest form of water referenced, being used to quench burning passions. I think some passions may need something more like a fire hose. Still, the point is that one thing the Logos does is help control passions. It does that making us change our priorities to the spiritual above the physical. It also makes us understand the physical is temporary and superficial.

Water of Light

As the quote says, you can look at the Logos as water because it washes the poison of materialism and falsehood out of us. They truly are things that poison us so we need this cleaning. For some of us, it may take the river of light to do that.

River of Light

When we have rid ourselves of false beliefs and are completely open for truth and reality, the river of light flows into us like a flash flood. We become so full of the spiritual light that we must share it with others. If we don’t, the excess can actually make us ill. That is one reason why all awaken people try to help others by sending light to them. And the others you send light to don’t have to be human. You can send a river of light to a sick pet. You can flood a dying forest during a drought with a river of light to help it survive. Or you can just send the excess light out into the world to help any and all that need it.

River, Fountain, Waterfall, Ocean

Beyond the dew, water, and river mentioned in the quote, there are other forms of water. They also can be an allegory for the Logos or Light of God. The fountain of youth that foolish people searched for is the spiritual sun from which the river of light flows. A rushing waterfall can represent someone overwhelmed by too sudden an awakening, too great a flow of light. Such a thing can drive men mad. That is why any responsible guru or teacher is always careful about teaching each student only as fast as hey can handle it. The ocean can be an allegory for the entire race of light beings, human and otherwise. Or it could represent the worlds of light, the spiritual dimensions where everything is light and there is no death or disease.

There were times in the past where such things had to be hidden in allegory. Today is different, so some of the allegories can be revealed to the general public. But even now, the most advanced teaches are kept only for the serious students who will use them carefully and wisely.