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The Great Sphinx of Truth and Knowledge

“Confronting mankind there stands a sphinx—the vast unknown. However well a man may be informed concerning a specific subject, his furthermost outlook concerning that subject is bounded by an impenetrable infinity. And the ‘discovered,’ as I will show, has only transferred ignorance to other laces. Science has confined its labors to superficial descriptions, not the elucidation of the fundamental causes of phenomena. … She dare not attempt to explain the why even of the simplest things. … How does the maple tree secrete a sweet, wholesome sap, and deadly nightshade growing in the same soil and living on the same elements, a poison? …
“That word Why to man dominates the universe. It covers all phenomena, and thrusts inquiry back from every depth.” ~John Uni Lloyd

The Great Sphinx

When you talk about a sphinx, most people immediately see a great statue in Egypt. That statue, however, is a depiction of a sphinx, not the thing itself. The sphinx represents a mystery, the unknown, the great riddle of the universe, and beyond.

The Limits of Science

There is no doubt that the scientific community has found answers to many questions. They can tell us what chemical make some people have red hair, while others have brown or blond. They can tell us what chemicals make some peppers hot while others are not. They can tell us what makes the sun hot. They can tell us that ice expands when it freezes. They can tell us that metals liquify when heated enough. They can even tell us at what temperature each type of metal will melt. They are good at discovering the whats and wherefores of the universe, but not so good with the whys.

They can tell us that a certain chemical in some peppers makes them hot, but they can’t really say why some peppers have a lot of that chemical, and others don’t. They can’t say why some plants spread their seeds using the wind, while others rely on birds, insects, or animals to spread the seeds. They can’t tell us why plants exist at all.

The Seeker Asks Why

Whether they realize it or not, the seekers of the world are really trying to answer that question “Why?”. Telling them that copper makes red hair isn’t enough. They want to know why they have red hair. They want to know why they have hair at all. Most of all, they want to know the root causes of it all.

Science might be able to give those answers if it would go beyond the limitations of the material plane, but few scientists are willing to do that. When they do, they are often ridiculed by those who refuse to look over the fence, to look outside the cave of matter.

The Spiritual Teacher

Religion generally doesn’t do any better than science in this. Today’s churches are often just as materialistic as the business and scientific communities. They too look for answers in matter rather than in spirit. When they do venture beyond the realms of matter, it is often made up nonsense that pleases the congregation, but is not based on any spiritual truth. It has no actual answers for the Sphinx.

A real spiritual teacher, however, is both religious and scientific. He applies the rules of science and scientific study in exploring the realms beyond matter. Since matter ans spirit are very different, the study of spirit must be different, yet still scientific. You cannot put a spirit on a scale and weigh it to prove it exists. A spirit has no weight, but it is still real. A spirit has no beginning and no end, so cannot be measured. That doesn’t make it ay less real.

So if man really wished to answer the great riddle of the Sphinx, he needs to embrace spirituality as well as science, the non-material as well as the material. Maybe soon the scientists and the spiritual seekers will join together to find the real truth. But for now, we must learn different things from each discipline and put it together ourselves. We must each solve the riddle of the Sphinx.

Christ Sun spiritual oneness

Seek Divine Light as Well as Material Light

Disciple: But is it not for me to attain, if I can, both the Light of God, and the Light of the outward Nature too, and to make use of them both for the ordering of my life wisely and prudently?
Master: It is Right so to do. And it is indeed a treasure above all earthly treasures to be possessed of the Light of God and Nature operating in their spheres, and to have both the Eye of Time and Eternity at once open together, and yet not to interfere with each other.
Disciple: This is a great satisfaction to me to hear; having been very uneasy about it for some time. But how can this be without interfering with each other, there is the difficulty?
Master: … It will be necessary, my child, in the first place to wait for and attend the Supernatural and Divine Light, as this superior Light appointed to govern the day, rising in the true East, which is the center of Paradise, and the Great Light breaking forth as out of the darkness within thee …
Wherefore seek the Fountain of Light, waiting in the deep ground of thy soul for the rising there of the Sun of Righteousness, whereby the Light of Nature in thee, with the properties thereof, will be made to shine seven times brighter than ordinary.” ~Jakob Bohme

Some believe that in order to seek the Divine Light, the Light of God, the light of the Sun of Righteousness, one must divorce herself completely from the material world, material goods, and even the light of the spiritual sun. This is not true and is foolish to even attempt when one is not ready. Besides, it is virtually impossible to get the light of the spiritual sun without also getting light from the natural sun, the sun of matter. The highly developed spiritual people called the Essenes still ate physical food at least once a month and Jesus didn’t fast forever, just forty days. They knew that one could not completely give up the natural as long as one had a material body, but they avoided becoming attached to the physical.

It is a matter of emphasis. By placing the emphasis on spiritual development and on taking in that Divine Light, one does not have to be overly concerned that he is also exposed to the physical light and to the world of matter. The world of matter cannot be avoided as long as we have physical bodies, but we can keep it to a minimum and subordinate to the spiritual. Continue reading “Seek Divine Light as Well as Material Light”

path to immortality

Path to Immortality is Hard to Find and Difficult

“The Path to Immortality is hard, and only a few find it. The rest await the Great Day when the wheels of the universe shall be stopped and the immortal sparks shall escape from the sheaths of substance. Woe unto those who wait, for they must return again, unconscious and unknowing, to the seed ground of stars, and await a new beginning. Those who are saved by the light of the mystery which I have revealed unto you, O Hermes, and which I now bid you to establish among men, shall return again to the father who dwelleth in the White Light, and shall deliver themselves up to the Light and shall be absorbed into the Light, and in the Light they shall becomes Powers in God. This is the way of Good and is revealed only to them that have wisdom.

“Blessed art thou, O Son of Light, to whom of all men, I, Poimandres, the Light of the world, have revealed myself. I order you to go forth, to become as a guide to those who wander in darkness, that all men within who dwells the spirit of My Mind (The Universal Mind) may be saved by My Mind in you, which shall call forth My Mind in them. Establish my Mysteries and they shall not fail from the earth.” ~Manly P. Hall

Path to Immortality

Considering how much time and money people spend on various products and methods to slow down the process of aging, you would think they would be pursuing immortality by the millions. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, at least not in any real sense. Yes, there are many millions of people who belong to churches that tell them they have joined the immortals just by joining that church. Now there are also many spiritual groups and schools that teach the same nonsense. “We are all immortal,” they claim. While they are not entirely wrong, they are not correct in this teaching either.

The basic idea of such a philosophy is that we need to make no effort whatsoever to become an immortal. If that were true, the great mystery schools of the past would never have existed. Why be moral, why be loving, why be kind, if everyone will achieve immortality anyway? But as already said, this is simply not true.

In recent decades, television has even made a joke of the concept of immortals. They created various shows about immortals that are, in fact, not immortal at all. They might live for several hundred years, or they might live for an indefinite period of time provided certain things don’t occur that can kill them. Continue reading “Path to Immortality is Hard to Find and Difficult”

sun as udgitha

Sun as Udgitha – the Spiritual Sun

Now the meditation (on the Udgitha) with reference to the gods is described. One should meditate on him who gives heat (i.e. the sun) as Udgitha. Verily, when he rises, he sings aloud for the sake of all creatures. When he rises, he dispels darkness and fear. Verily, he who knows the sun as being endowed with these qualities, Now the meditation (on the Udgitha) with reference to the gods is described. One should meditate on him who gives heat (i.e. the sun) as Udgitha. Verily, when he rises, he sings aloud for the sake of all creatures. When he rises, he dispels darkness and fear. Verily, he who knows the sun as being endowed with these qualities, becomes the dispeller of darkness and (the consequent) fear. … That which is Saman, even that is Udgitha. Therefore, while one neither breathes out nor breathes in, one sings the Udgitha. Therefore whatever other actions require strength, such as the kindling of fire by friction, running a race towards a goal, the bending of a strong bow, are all performed, while one neither breathes out nor breathes in. For this reason one should meditate on Vyana as Udgitha. Now, one should meditate on the syllables of ‘Udgitha’—namely, the syllables ‘ut’, ‘gi’ and ‘tha’. Prāna is ‘ut’, because through Prāna one arises (ut-tisthati). Speech is ‘gi’, because speech is called word (girah). Food is ‘tha’, because upon food all this is established (sthitam). Heaven is ut, the sky is gi, the earth is tha. The sun is ut, the air gi, the fire, tha. … For him, speech yields the milk which is the benefit of speech. And he becomes rich in food; and an eater of food, who knows thus and meditates on the syllables of ‘Udgitha’, namely, ut, gi and tha.” ~Chandogya Upanishad

Him Who Gives Heat

The sun is the one that gives us heat, but it does much more than that. It gives heat, light, and other frequencies of radiation that make it possible for life of various kinds to exist on Earth. On another level not yet recognized by science, the sun acts as a reflector and controller using our thoughts. The thoughts and emotions we transmit hit the sun, are amplified, and reflected back to us. So if those thoughts are mostly violent, we end up with a violent world. If they are mostly fearful, we end up with a world of fear and suspicions. But if we change our thoughts, and send out mostly love and trust, that is the world we will have. And all that is just from the physical sun.

Beyond the physical sun, there is the Spiritual Sun. This is the sun that is important to spiritual people and spiritual teachers. It is this spiritual sun that is being called Udgitha in this Upanishad. This sun doesn’t heat the Earth, it heats the spirits and souls of Man and all life forms on Earth. It is this sun that awakens the soul from the deep, coma-like sleep that it is in when we are born on the material plane of existence.

Dispels Darkness and Fear

The Spiritual Sun dispels darkness by carrying the Light to us. Not light and darkness in the physical sense, but in the spiritual sense. Spiritual darkness simply means ignorance of God. Spiritual Light means knowing and understanding God. God is spirit and Light and our true self is also spirit and Light. When we are linked to God and His Light, we are part of the infinite and permanent rather than just temporary physical beings. It is always amazing to spiritual people how much time and money some will spend to add five or ten years to their limited physical life, yet totally ignore their everlasting spiritual life.

The spiritual Sun also dispel fear because one who is awake and knows the truth has nothing to fear. Why fear something that happens to your temporary physical self? When you know that your true Self is spirit, the physical is not that important, and fear disappears.

Sun as Udgitha

As the quote says, we need to see the sun as Udgitha. But what does that mean? How do we see the sun as Udgitha?

First, look at the breakdown of the word in the quote. It is saying that when we say the sun is Udgitha, we are saying that the sun is energy, food, and The Word. In other words, the Spiritual Sun, or more accurately, the Light from that sun energizes the soul, feeds it with Divine energy, and delivers to it the Truth and Wisdom which is the true Word of God, not something written in a book. The sun as Udgitha is the sun as savior, as the Sun of Righteousness promised by the Old Testament prophet Malachi. That sun is shining on us now! Which means that the ship of truth and Light is now in port, allegorically speaking. So we can get on board now and truly learn for ourselves about the Spiritual Sun as Udgitha, or we can wait until that ship sails without us. The choice is ours.


Wish for Love, Truth, and Wisdom

“The wish of Love is to give life. The wish of Wisdom is to give us light and knowledge. The wish of Truth is to give us freedom. But freedom is the fruit. It is that which will bring meaning to life.

“If you don’t sacrifice yourself for others, others can’t sacrifice themselves for you. If you can’t love; others can’t love you. If you can’t think about others, others cannot think about you. …

“Without love of God, you cannot become good. Until the moment you realize that you have been born and come out of God, and consequently have relations with Him, you cannot become good. You have to realize that that you have come out of God and everything that He has given you, you have to use for God. Then you love Him. God has sent you to Earth and He loves you.

“Firstly, try the Divine thoughts, learn to apply them. Without that, there is no success in life. As much as you perceive the Divine thoughts in yourself, so much your progress will be, and so smart you will be. And all your life will be determined by that situation of the Divine thoughts you have perceived in yourself.” ~Beinsa Douno

Love, Wisdom, and Truth

Many people pray to God and ask for physical health, money, a new car, etc. These are foolish things to ask for because, first, they are not the gifts that come from God, and second, we should let God, who is far wiser then we are, decide what we need at any given time. God has great gifts for us and we should be smart and accept those gifts rather than asking for something else. The gifts God gives us are Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, Truth, and, of course, Life. Continue reading “Wish for Love, Truth, and Wisdom”

Heavenly understanding

Heavenly Understanding of All Things

“Disciple: Ah! How shall I arrive at this Heavenly Understanding, at this Sight of All Things in God, at this pure and naked Knowledge …; at this Light above Nature … For, alas, I am touched every moment by the things which are about me; and overshadowed by the clouds and fumes which rise up out of the Earth?

“Master: Thou desirest that I should teach thee how to attain it; and I will direct thee to our Matter, from whom I have been taught it, that thou may learn it thyself from Him, who alone teaches the heart. Hear thou Him. Would thou arrive at this; would thou remain untouched by sensesibles; would thou behold Light in the very Light of God, and see all things thereby; then consider the words of Christ, who is that Light; and who is the Truth. … Thou shall find that without a total surrender to God, and to the Life of God, thou can never arrive at such a rest as this, the true quiet of the soul wherein no creature can molest thee, or so much as touch thee. Which when thou shall, by Grace, have attained to, then with thy body thou art in the world, as in the properties of outward Nature; and with thy reason, under the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, but with thy Will thou walkest in Heaven.” ~Jacob Boehme

Heavenly Understanding

A Heavenly understanding is certainly a worthy goal. It is the goal that has been sought by mystics and spiritual adepts for ages. This disciple is wise to seek this goal, unlike many modern “spiritual” students, who seek simply to be happy and have few goals or responsibilities.

A heavenly understanding is a universal understanding. Since heaven is the highest of all dimensions, it is the source of knowledge of all dimensions. Therefore, having a heavenly understanding is to have an understanding of all that exists. Of course, this understanding doesn’t come to us all at once, in a rush like water over Niagara Falls. If it did, it would likely kill us just as standing under the falls would. At the very least, it would drive us mad. So that almost never happens. It comes to us a little at a time. It usually starts by contact with lower dimensions, then higher and higher until we reach heaven. Or, if you prefer, it happens by connecting with higher and higher levels of consciousness. It means the same thing. Also, the connection to a higher dimension is generally very brief, just a few seconds at first, then getting longer as you get more accustomed to the unusual things you see and learn there. Continue reading “Heavenly Understanding of All Things”