We in Cosolargy sometimes go on group trips. When I participate, I will post a few pictures about those trips.


These photos are from the trip to Greece in 2009 with emphasis on ancient sacred and spiritual sites.


     Trip to Peru, 2014

Here is a somewhat random selection of photos from our trip to Peru. It was a great adventure, great learning experience, and a lot of fun.

Peru 009
Three-wheel cab. Common in most of Peru.
Peru 067
Part of the Nazca Lines


Peru 033
Sand dunes in the southern desert region of Peru

















Peru 115
Welcoming us to the farming village
Peru 137
Machu Picchu
Peru2 026
Elongated scull with trepanning
Peru2 042
The giant candelabra, or more correctly, trident. In the Ballistas islands.
Peru2 062
One of the fountains at the waterpark in Lima







Space Whale – 2018

Not really travel, but I did go to City Center in Reno to see the sculpture titled Space Whale. It’s a life-size female whale with a baby. It is made from steel and panels of stained glass.


space whale 2space whale 3





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