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Real Treasure Isn’t Silver or Gold

“The most valuable treasure one may have is the Knowledge, Wisdom , and Love he has. The teacher is for this: to deliver knowledge to the student. The students task in return is to apply it.

“Many blame God why is he not helping them? God helps those who do their best, Help yourself in order for God to help you as well.

“Not to pay what you owe means you have no belief. Later you will pay everything with interest.

“The thought of a man has a transforming power. The good, right, nice thought can transform your desperation into a quiet and pleasant condition. The thought of a man is a magic wand with which you can create miracles.” ~Biensa Douno

Real Treasure

Many things in the material world are considered treasures. Money, gold, luxuries of all sorts. Yet look at those who have such things. Are they better people than the rest of us? Are they more advanced than the rest of us? The answer to both questions is no, they are not.

A real treasure is something that truly benefits us. Real treasure helps us grow spiritually. It isn’t something we lose when we leave the physical world. Knowledge, wisdom, truth, love are real treasures. Continue reading “Real Treasure Isn’t Silver or Gold”

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Love God, Love Wisdom and Truth

“To love God means to love wisdom and truth. We can love God in no other way than in being obedient to Divine law; and to enable us to exercise that obedience conscientiously requires knowledge of the law, which can only be gained by practice.

“As the sun without leaving his place in the sky sends his rays upon the earth to shine upon the pure and impure, and to illuminate even the most minute material objects with his light; likewise the spirit of man may send his mental rays into matter to obtain knowledge of all terrestrial things.” ~Franz Hartmann

Love Wisdom and Truth

Almost everyone agrees that we should love wisdom and truth. Or at least that we should seek wisdom and truth. The problem is that there is little understanding of what it means when a prophet or spiritual teacher speaks of wisdom and truth.

Some will tell you that truth is simply seeing through the lies we have been fed for centuries. While that is a good start, recognizing the lies doesn’t mean you know truth. Some will say that wisdom is simply acting on the truth, as best as you understand it. The problem there is that many are calling it wisdom when they act on what they believe to be true, but it isn’t.

Divine Law

Yes, there is such a thing as Divine Law. It is God’s Law. Unlike man’s law, it cannot be avoided with bribes and crooked police. On the other hand, it is not flawed like man’s law often is, designed to benefit the rich and powerful and help them control the masses. God is perfect and His law is perfect. Those who are spiritually awakened know this. That is why they willingly obey Divine Law. Continue reading “Love God, Love Wisdom and Truth”

Mother, Holy Child

Mother of Wisdom Speaks to Those who Listen

“I am alone and undefiled. I am the mother of the voice, speaking in many ways, completing all. Knowledge is in me, a knowledge of things everlasting. I speak in every creature, and I was known by all. I lift up the speech of the voice to the ears of those who have known me, the children of light. … When the great authorities knew that the time of fulfillment had appeared—just as the time of the birth pangs came, the time of destruction approached—the elements trembled, and the foundations of the underworld and the ceilings of chaos shook, and a great fire shone in their midst, and rocks and earth were shaken like a reed by the wind. …

“O children of thought, hear me, hear the speech of the mother of your mercy. You have earned the right to own the mystery hidden from eternity. Now accept it. And the end of this realm and of the life of injustice is near, and the beginning of the coming eternal realm dawns and will never change.” ~Three Forms of First Thought

Mother of Wisdom

The “Mother” in the quote may be Sophia or simply the female aspect of God. She speaks in many voices, in many ways, in many languages. She may be the quiet voice we hear warning us or advising us. The Mother gently guides us toward the correct path. Most of all, she talks to our spirits and souls in symbols rather than words. Words can be used to deceive. Symbols can’t deceive the soul. They might deceive the mind, but never the soul.

In Every Creature

This Mother speaks not only to the minds and souls of humans, but also to animals. Really to all of life and all creation. It would not be good for humans to began awakening and becoming more spiritual if the world around them continued sinking deeper into the depths of matter. The animals, plants, and everything else must change right along with us. There is growing evidence that such changes are happening. We are learning that many animals are smarter and more self-aware than we believed. While some of that may be because of better studies, some is also because those animals are changing just as some humans are changing.

Own the Mystery

When the Mother says we have earned the right to own the hidden mysteries, she isn’t speaking to all humans. She is speaking to the ones she called “the children of light,” earlier. The mysteries are not revealed to everyone. They would not be mysteries for long if that happened. They are revealed only to those ready to understand. Students must also be responsible enough to keep those mysteries to themselves and share only what is allowed. That isn’t out of meanness, but to protect people from harm.

Eternal Realm Dawns

We are at the dawn of a New Golden Age. It will be an end to injustice. Greed will no longer be an acceptable lifestyle. It won’t even be desirable. We will all realize that when we harm others through greed, we actually harm ourselves on a more important level. Corporations and governments will exist to serve people, not control them. And all will understand that the spirit and soul are more important than the body and mind.

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Knowledge, Wisdom, Mystery Schools and Gnostics

“Compare this esoteric tenet with the Gnostic doctrine found in ‘Pistis-Sophia’ (Knowledge = Wisdom), in which treatise Sophia Achamoth is shown lost in the waters of Chaos (matter) on her way to Supreme Light, and Christos delivering and helping her on the right Path. Note well, ‘Christos’ with the Gnostics meant the impersonal principal, the Atman of the Universe, and the Atma within every man’s soul—not Jesus.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Mystery Schools and the Gnostics

It is true that there is much in common between the Gnostics and the ancient mystery schools. His should not be a surprise. There is only one truth. You can make up all the false “truths” you want, but that doesn’t make them real. Mo matter who taps into the fountain of wisdom and truth, what they find there is the same. So while superficial ceremonies may have differed, the teaching of all the ancient schools were identical.

Knowledge and Wisdom

One of the tenets that is found in all the ancient spiritual schools, and a few modern ones, is that wisdom comes from truth and knowledge. Not just any knowledge. Not the knowledge found in books. Only the knowledge accessed from spiritual realms by an awakened soul can truly qualify as wisdom. Opinion can never be considered wisdom. Continue reading “Knowledge, Wisdom, Mystery Schools and Gnostics”