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Will of God is Followed by Choice, Not Force

“By an authority as gentle as efficacious, God accomplishes His will in us, when we have surrendered our souls to Him. The consent we give to his operations, and our relish of them, is sweet and sustaining, in proportion to the perfection of our abandonment. God does not arrest the soul with violence. He adjusts all things in such a manner, that we follow Him happily, even across dangerous precipices. So good is this Divine Master, so well does he understand the methods of conducting the soul, that it runs after Him, and makes haste to walk in the path he orders.

“Suppleness of soul is, therefore, of vital consequence to its progress. It is the work of God to effect this. Happy are the souls who yield to His discipline. …

“Reason may at times oppose with all its strength, and cause some fears, some hesitations; but being fixed in God, it is impossible for the soul to change its course.” ~Madam Guyon

Will of God Gets Done

A good military general knows that not all of his soldiers will be fully effective in battle. For that reason, he tries to have more soldiers than are necessary to do the job. That way, even if only eighty percent of them do a good job, the battle is still won. Only a foolish general would assume that every soldier will do a good job when the battle begins.

God is no different than that good general. He knows that not everyone can be relied upon to do what is necessary to complete his Divine Plan to save the fallen realm of matter. Some don’t think it need to be fixed. Others want it fixed, but don’t want to be part of the solution. God knows that. So in most cases, he doesn’t pick one specific individual to get a job done. Instead, He inspires several people. Some may ignore the inspiration. But at least one will listen and do the job. For that reason, God uses no force to accomplish His Plan. The will of God will be done, but not by any particular individual. Continue reading “Will of God is Followed by Choice, Not Force”

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Instruments of God Still Have Free Will

“For God hath not created us for ourselves alone, but to be instruments of His Wonders, by which He desires to manifest His Wonders. The resigned will trust God and expect all good from Him alone; but Self-Will rules itself, for it is broken off from God. … It has gone out of that order wherein He created it, into disobedience, and desires to be its own lord and master.

“When a man’s own will dies from itself, then it is free from sin, for it desires nothing but that which God desires, desires only to do that for which God hath created it and that which God will do by it; and though it must be involved in the doing, it must be the instrument of the Doing, by which God what He will.” ~Jacob Boehme

Instruments of God

Many people don’t like the idea that we should serve God and follow His will. They think they should be able to exercise free will at all times. They want to do everything their way. That is the same attitude that resulted in the great fall.

If you are a computer programmer, you probably will pay a thousand dollars or more to attend some programming seminar taught by a recognized expert on the particular subject. A medical student would do the same with a famous doctor. If you are a welder working on the construction of a new building, you follow the plans of the architect, not your own. Most of us are perfectly willing to listen to a recognized human expert and follow their direction or advice. Yet we don’t like being told to follow the will of God. Even though God is the highest expert in all fields, especially spiritual growth, we don’t want to follow His Plan. But to refuse to do so limits our growth and will likely result in us following the dark being instead, even if we are not aware that we are doing so.

Being instruments of God doesn’t mean we are puppets or play things. It means we are co-creators of a better universe. An instrument of God isn’t being manipulated like a hammer or screwdriver. Instead, God is sharing His great Plan with us so that we can choose to help.

But there are many people in the world. God isn’t going to waste time on the stubborn, egotistical ones. If you refuse to be part of His Plan, he will find someone else who will. Continue reading “Instruments of God Still Have Free Will”

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God’s Will and the Pure Soul

“You ask how one who desires to follow the movements of God’s Spirit may distinguish these movements, from the natural operations of the mind. There is not, at all times, a positive certainty regarding divine movements. It it were so, we should become infallible as the angels, that is, if we were pure in intentions. We must walk with God, in entire abandonment and uncertainty, at the risk of sometimes making mistakes, which in the infancy of experience is unavoidable. …

“A pure soul acts in simplicity, and without certainty, being persuaded that what is good comes from God, and what is not good from self. … The soul in this state is only a simple instrument that the Word, which is in her, moves, so that it is the Word which speaks and not herself. … I have an experience of many years, that God often makes known His Will, only in the time of action.” ~Madam Guyon

God’s Will

It is always a good idea to follow the Will of God. Especially if you are trying to develop your spiritual side. The most obvious reason for this is that no being knows better than God Himself which is the best, most direct, and least dangerous path to follow. There is a reason why people who are successful in a field often write self-help books about it. They know the path that works. Sadly, when it come to spiritual development, there are many who will insist on following the philosophy that there is no correct path. Each of us, they say, must follow his own path. Twenty years later, those people will still be going around in circles and making no real progress. Sure, there are many paths you can take. God knows which is best.


God is infallible. God’s will is infallible. We are not. We want to follow God’s will, but we don’t always know what it is. Sometimes, we may be tricked by ministers or gurus who are teaching their own ideas rather than the Will of God. We may be tricked by false interpretations of scripture. Or by scripture that has been altered from the original, inspired work.

The only way to know that we are following God’s Will and no other is to communicate directly with God. Even there, however, we can be fooled. Devils and demons are good at tricking man into following their instruction believing them to come from God. Preventing that is not easy. But we learn as we go and are less likely to be fooled. And God is understanding when we are fooled by the dark beings—as long as we learn from it. Continue reading “God’s Will and the Pure Soul”

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Thought Power and the Hypnotist

“Thought is a substance as much as air or any other unseen element of which chemistry makes us aware. It is of many and varying degrees in strength.
“Strong thought of mind is the same as strong will. Some persons are so weak in thought, as compared with the practiced mesmerizer, that they cannot resist him. Others of even stronger thought can give themselves up voluntarily o his control. You need not be overpowered by anyone in this way, provided you resist them in mind, and call upon the higher power to assist you, if you feel their thought overcoming you.” ~Prentice Mulford

Thought is a Real Thing

Thought is not imaginary. It is a real thing. It is just a s real as gravity. As such, it must function much like other real things.

We cannot see gravity, but we can see its effects. Drop a baseball off a high building and it drops to the ground. The force of gravity pulls the earth and the ball together. Invisible though it is, gravity does work that can be seen. Thought is much the same.

We know that thought is a kind of energy. Modern electronic devices can register changes in the brain when one is thinking. They can tell the difference between a relaxed brain-mind and one deep in thought.

Thought Power and Hypnosis

Mulford says that the strong-willed person can resist the mesmerizer (hypnotist). That is basically true, but it is not just a matter of having a strong will. Thought Power can be complicated.

Some people have a strong will, but are indecisive. They can’t decide what they want, or assign priorities to those wants. The have strong-willed thoughts about one desire, then a few minutes later they are thinking about a different one and have forgotten the first. This lack of concentration on one idea for any length of time often prevents them from getting it.

Other people are not truly strong-willed, but have such an ingrained belief about something that it is almost impossible to override it. They may believe that they are destined to be overweight. No matter how much they will themselves to be slim, their sub-conscious belief prevents it. They need to concentrate on the idea of being slim long enough and often enough for that subconscious belief to be replaced. Only then will they get long-term results. Continue reading “Thought Power and the Hypnotist”