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The Solar Triad

“In his Hymn to the Royal Sun, the Emperor Julian gives a theory of the triad which is almost identical with that of the illuminated Swedenborg. The sun of the divine world is the infinite, spiritual and uncreated light, which is verbalized, so to speak, in the philosophical world, and becomes the fountain of souls and of truth; then it incorporates and becomes visible light in the sun of the third world, the central sun of our suns, of which the fixed stars are the ever-living sparks. The Kabalists compare the spirit to a substance which remains fluid in the divine medium and under the influence of the essential light, its exterior, however, becoming solidified, like wax when exposed to air, in the colder realms of reasoning and of visible forms.” ~Eliphas Levi

There are many sacred triads including the well known Christian one of three Gods in one. The quoted passage is about another one that is of great importance to us: the triad of the sun or Light. This triad consists of the physical sun, the spiritual sun, and us because we are greatly affected by the sun.

Science completely agrees on the importance of the physical sun to life on Earth, but go no further than that. Like the foolish ship’s captain who sees only a small part of the iceberg sticking out of the water and refuses to believe that there is even more of it hidden below the surface, the scientist can’t accept anything his material tools can’t measure as real, so he simply ignores them.

But just as the physical sun provides warmth to our planet, as well as many other types of energy that it needs to function, the spiritual sun does much the same on a spiritual level. Levi tell us this spiritual sun is infinite and uncreated. How can it be uncreated if it actually exists? It is uncreated because it is infinite, it has no beginning, no end, no death, and therefore, no birth. Since it has always been, it cannot have been created. It is possible, of course, that it has changed, but it has always existed. Continue reading “The Solar Triad”