soul advancement

Soul Advancement is Uniting With the All

“During the process of the soul’s purification and advancement, it loses sight not only of itself, but of all things else; except God; and even of the distinct apprehension of our Lord, in His humanity. That is, there are no longer distinct, bounded views and perceptions of Christ, the soul becoming identical with Christ. This is necessary in order to draw the soul into oneness with God. Let all go in the divine order. When the soul has returned to its end and origin, and is lost in God, it finds all it lost, without going out from God.
“When the soul is yet in itself, it draws all things to itself and sees God and all creatures in itself. But when the soul is in oneness with God, it carries all creatures with it in God, and sees nothing separate from God. Seeing all in God, it sees all things in the true light, as with the eye of God. This is what David calls, ‘Seeing light in thy light.’” ~Madam Guyon

Soul Advancement

In a sense, there is no advancement or purification needed by the soul. It is just a matter of awakening and developing it. The soul, being unlimited by time and space, already knows all truth. But it forgets it, in a sense. So the first step of soul advancement, or spiritual development, is to awaken the soul from its slumber. Then gradually, reintroduce it to the truth it always knew but doesn’t remember. It is a matter of making the unconscious soul into a fully conscious one.

Lose Sight of Itself

I think what Madam Guyon is saying here is that the soul that is not fully awakened tends to be self-centered, much like the ego of the brain-mind. It looks at everything in relation to itself. It is the center of the universe, and everything else is circling around it. I’m not sure the soul ever really thinks that way, but it is reasonable to look at it that way.

It “loses sight of itself,” when it starts thinking more in terms of itself being part of the All, being one with the All, and not as something separate from other things, other beings. It is like St. Francis calling all creatures, all beings, his brothers and sisters. He was one with them, they were one with him. Continue reading “Soul Advancement is Uniting With the All”


Foundation of Your Spiritual Home

“Put love as a foundation of your home, put goodness and virtue as a wall, wisdom as a roof, and truth as windows.

“One thing will save you when you are broken, applying love!

“Many people are slaves to the outer conditions. Apply faith, start loving the whole world, and you will be free.

“In the future, the relationships among people must be based on cleanness and holiness. If they keep repeating the contemporary kind of relations among each other, that will be a waste of time

“Knowledge is obtained from higher beings. Do not expect knowledge from ordinary people. …

“ Use natural methods, the good you acquire with them is lasting, artificial methods begin with great effects, but always end up bad for you.

“The reason for the badness lies in you. The reason for the goodness lies in you. To transform your bad traits into good is the alive science.” ~Biensa Douno

Building Your Home

It is, I think, a wonderful allegory to think of our gaining of truth and positive motions as building our home. Our physical body, at least, lives primarily under the control of our mind. A healthy mind will, therefore, lead to a healthy body. A loving mind is indeed a great foundation for our home. And the foundation is the most important part of the home. A bad roof can be replaced without disturbing the rest of the house. Bad doors or windows can be replaced. But a crumbling foundation likely means he whole house will have to be replaced.

But the mind should also be under control of the divine soul. This is rarely the case, however, because few of us have awakened their souls. In fact, few are even aware that we come into the physical world with our spirit and soul in a dormant state something like a coma. Because we don’t know this, we make no effort to fix it.

Slaves to Conditions

In Plato’s famous tale of the people living in a cave, the people living in that cave know nothing of the world outside of the cave. In fact, as far as they are concerned, the cave is the world. They are trapped by their own beliefs.

We may not be literally living in Plato’s cave, but most of us are, in many ways, much like those unfortunate cave-dwellers. We are trapped by the beliefs and conventions of the society we live in and the education it provides. A great deal of that education is theory, but rarely are we told that. When we accept these things over time, we create filters in our minds. Those filters prevent us from seeing or hearing things that contradict those beliefs. This is one way in which we become slaves to conditions.

But even when we break out of those false beliefs to some degree, we are still slaves. That is because we must continue to act as if we do believe the untruths accepted by most if we are to continue to function in society. We can only avoid that by becoming a hermit. But if we have love as a foundation, we can handle these difficulties.

Knowledge from Higher Beings

Not all knowledge comes from higher beings. The most useful knowledge does. Higher beings meaning the angels and beings of light. Spiritual beings, not material ones who think they are higher than the rest of us.

Higher beings bring us higher knowledge. Spiritual beings bring us spiritual knowledge.

But we shouldn’t just sit on our hands waiting for those higher beings to bring truth and wisdom to us. We need to strive for truth and knowledge with as much effort as we strive for an education or a good job.

Spiritual Foundation

The foundation of our spiritual house is an awakened soul. We are all born with a soul, but if we never awaken it, we might as well not have one. After that soul has been awakened, usually with the light of the spiritual sun, it must be developed further. Only then does it make a good foundation for our spiritual home, our spiritual self.

But a foundation alone does not make a home. As Douno says, it needs virtue and goodness as walls, wisdom as a roof. It needs truth as windows, he says. But he doesn’t mention the door. The door into this spiritual house is an open mind. Without an open mind, spiritual progress is difficult, if not impossible.

And that spiritual house it to help us transform. As Douno notes, true transformation is a science. Like many sciences, there is some art to it, but mostly it is science. And like any science, it has its rules and methods. Those who ignore the true spiritual schools who have been practicing this science for decades, and follow their own path, are not likely to get far. Science cannot be ignored just because it is convenient to do so.

three ships

Three Ships on the River of Truth, Wisdom, and Eternity

“Jesus Dug a River Jesus dug a river in the cosmos. He dug a river, even he of the sweet name. He dug it with a spade of truth. He dredged it with a basket of wisdom. The stones he dredged from it are drops of incense from Lebanon. All the waters in it are roots of light. Three ships sail. They voyage in the river, testing. One is full, one half freighted. The third is empty. The full ship sails fearlessly. One half full. The empty one comes empty and leaves nothing behind. It will suffer at the customs. It has nothing to give, nothing on board. They will tear it apart wickedly and send it back to the port. The ship will suffer what corpses suffer. Empty. They called it and it heard nothing.” ~The Manichaean Songbook

Jesus Dug a River

It should be obvious that this song from the Manichaean Songbook is pure allegory. Allegory doesn’t mean it is a fairy tale. It means it is something real told in a cryptic way so it’s truth won’t be revealed to the unworthy or the uninitiated. Jesus didn’t literally dig a river through the cosmos. What he did is make a path of truth, spirit, and light through the darkness and ignorance of the material universe. It is a river in the sense that it is flowing, moving. It is living light carrying the truth of God into the places where it has long been forgotten. He digs the river with a basket of wisdom and a spade of truth. More allegorical symbols.

Jesus, of course, brings the truth and wisdom of God with him. The ace of spades is a symbol of ancient mysteries and the mystery schools. A shovel of any kind is a symbol of clearing one’s path for wisdom and enlightenment. It also symbolizes digging to uncover hidden truths. The basket symbolizes carrying spiritual wisdom and truth. It can also mean, according to some dream dictionaries, overcoming difficulties. Also, a full basket can symbolize joy. What could bring more joy than a basket full of wisdom?

Three Ships

Trilogies are so common in spiritual symbology, I don’t think they need to be explained hear with and detail. The best-known examples of a trilogy are Father, Son, and Holy Ghost of most Christians, and Father, Mother, and Child in others. It can also represent matter, thought, and spirit. In this case, the contents of the ships help us understand their symbolism.

A Full Ship

The full ship sails down the river fearlessly. It is true to its course and sails on to the end of the river without difficulty. This ship is full of truth, wisdom, and spiritual light. It may have difficulties, but it cannot fail. It is the best of the three ships to be on.

A Half-Full Ship

The half-full ship represents those who are halfheartedly involved in spiritual things. They go through the motions, but with little conviction. They are spiritual in public, materialistic in private. This ship will wander aimlessly, never knowing exactly where it is heading, never knowing exactly how to get there. As a result, it’s chance of reaching the goal of true enlightenment is probably worse than one in a million. This is probably the most frustrating of the three ships for those who sail them generally thing they are on their way to heaven when they are just going in circles.

An Empty Ship

To send an empty ship out into the river doesn’t make much sense. It is unlikely to reach the final destination. If it does, it won’t matter. The ship is empty. It has nothing to unload. It will be turned away and sent elsewhere.

Sadly, the empty ship probably represents the vast majority of people today. Those who have no religious or spiritual beliefs at all are definitely sailing empty ships down the river of truth. But so are the Christians who follow a man-made, materialistic version of Christianity rather than that which Jesus actually taught. Joining them in more empty ships will be those who practice some superficial form of spiritual development. That includes those who think that simply rejecting religion is all there is to being spiritual. Those who think spirituality is nothing more than meditation, followed by meditation, than even more meditation, which in real spiritual schools is just the first grade of many grades, will also be on such ships. And perhaps the emptiest ships of all are those who think they can wait until they are physically dead to concern themselves with the spirit and soul. That is too late and they are leaving ports in empty ships. A cargo ship with no cargo is the saddest of the three ships.

Jumping Ship

The good news is that this is something that can change. We can all start serious spiritual development with a real spiritual school—the inheritors of the ancient mystery schools—and fill our empty or half full ships. But when the city is on fire, you don’t want to leave your ship anchored in the port where it is likely to burn up. Yes, I’m using allegory, too.

In a spiritual sense, our world is on fire now, and we can’t just sit back and hope it misses us. We all have to get our ships full of truth and wisdom and sail that sacred river as quickly as possible. I look forward to a time when the river is covered with ships that are all full of truth and wisdom rather than the three ships.

body as a tool

Body as a Tool of Mind and Soul

“The body is but the machine used by the mind. If it be week, the power of our thought may be largely used and almost useless is resisting its weakness. The mind is then the workman endeavoring to carry out his design with an imperfect tool. Eventually, this detective tool may derange and destroy entirely the workman’s power.

“Strength of mind and body is the cornerstone of all enjoyment and success. The weak body enjoys little or nothing. Our bodies are reservoirs of force. … What is most desirable for all to know is, how to retain the most of that force during our waking hours and if possible to increase it; because this force has a commercial value in dollars and cents. The weak and exhausted body is neither the body for ‘business’ of pleasure, and all business is best done when it is a pleasure to do it.” ~Prentice Mulford

The Body as a Tool

Yes, we can think of the body as a tool for the mind. It might be more accurate, however, to think of the body and mind more like partners who need to work together. Mulford notes that a mind cannot do its job very well with a weak or sick body. It is also true that the body can’t accomplish much with a damaged or weak mind.

But it doesn’t stop there. While Mulford may only be interested in the body and mind, there is also the spirit and soul to be considered. The spirit and soul certainly don’t need the physical body to function. They may use it, however, to help with certain things that they wish to do.

It is not true, however, that the body can exist without a spirit. It can exist without a soul, or at least without the divine soul which is the soul most people mean when they talk about the soul. We also have a mundane soul that is linked to the body. The divine soul, however, is very loosely connected to the body and will leave if the body and mind commit serious acts of violence such as murder.

So in short, we are complex beings and we function best when all the parts work together in peace and harmony. Body, mind, psyche, spirit, and soul all need to be friends and partners. When they are not, or one part is too weak or damaged to properly function, the whole being suffers. Continue reading “Body as a Tool of Mind and Soul”