healing music, Sacred music, Heavenly Harmony

Healing Music for Body, Mind, and Soul

“It is highly probable that the Greek initiates gained their knowledge of the philosophic and therapeutic aspects of music from the Egyptians, who in turn, considered Hermes the founder of the art According to one legend, this god constructed the first lyre by stretching strings across the concavity of a turtle shell. Both Isis and Osiris were patrons of music and poetry. Plato, in describing the antiquity of these arts among the Egyptians, declared that songs and poetry had existed in Egypt for at least ten thousand years and that these were of such an exalted and inspiring nature that only gods or godlike men could have composed them. In the Mysteries the lyre was regarded as the secret symbol of the human constitution, the body of the instrument representing the physical form, the strings the nerves, and the musician the spirit.” ~Manly P. Hall

Healing Music

The idea that music has healing powers is not new. Ancient shaman played drums and chanted to heal. The Australian Aborigines used the didgeridoo more for healing than for music. In modern times, the art of using sound for healing has become a science. Scientific methods have been used to find specific sounds and frequencies that heal certain illnesses or body parts.

We all know that certain types of music can be soothing. Other types can excite and make you happy. Still others can make you sad. Our mother’s singing or playing lullabies to us as babies is generally our fist introduction to this. Some farmers play music in their fields to produce better crops. And when I toured a small Tequila distillery in Mexico a few years ago, I learned that they played classical music to the bins of aging tequila. They said it produced a smoother, more mellow product. If you wish to delve deeper in healing sounds, visit the sonatherapy website. Continue reading “Healing Music for Body, Mind, and Soul”


Flowers and Birds, Spirits and Souls

“Our souls are like tender flowers at the mercy of the winds of Destiny. They tremble in the morning breeze, and bend their heads under the falling dews of heaven.

“The song of the bird awakens Man from his slumber, and invites him to join in the psalms of glory to Eternal Wisdom that has created the song of the bird.

“Such music makes us ask ourselves the meaning of the mysteries contained in ancient books.

“When the birds sing, do they call to the flowers in the fields, or are they speaking to the trees, or are they schooling the murmur of the brooks? …

“Man with his understanding cannot know what the rain is saying when it falls upon the leaves. … But the Heart of Man can feel and grasp the meaning of these sounds. … Eternal Wisdom speaks to him in a mysterious language; Soul and Nature converse together, while man stands speechless and bewildered.” ~Kahlil Gibran

Flowers in the Fields

While it seems at times that we are surrounded by noting but weeds, if we look more closely we see flowers coming up among the weeds. The weeds will try to choke them out, and sometimes they succeed, but the flowers will always return. And the flowers will multiply and grow stronger and push aside the weeds. Eventually, the field will be a field of flowers rather than one of weeds.

Singing Birds

Gibran asks if the birds sing to the flowers and the trees. Science will say no,they sing to a mate and to each other. That is true, but is also a limited perspective.Robin and flowers They do sing to the flowers and the murmuring brooks. They sing to all of creation. Mostly, they sing to us begging us to listen and awaken. They sing of the joyful thoughts that a few of us send their way. Birds also sing of the great truth and wisdom that seems to lie just beyond our reach when we stay stuck in a material world and expect matter and mind to answer all our questions.

Music of the Spheres

Whether it be from singing birds, murmuring brooks, or human compositions, there is music that does more than entertain. As Gibran notes, this music makes us ask questions. Questions like where we come from and what our purpose is. It makes us want to learn the true meaning of the allegorical tales found in those ancient books. It makes us want to know our own soul. We want to be one with nature and one with the cosmos when we hear such sounds. They raise our frequencies and help us reach higher levels of reality.

Allegorical flowers and Birds

The birds and flowers Gibran write about are not ordinary birds and flowers. They are allegory. Symbolic of something else. They represent the human soul and people who have become awakened. The weeds and brambles are the materialists who refuse to look any deeper into reality than the realm of the physical. The flowers are those who are looking beyond that, questioning, awakening, searching. The birds may be those who have awakened to some degree and are “singing” about it to help others. They might also be ascended masters or angels giving us a little poke to get us up and moving. The songs may be real music, or simply high frequency vibrations coming down from higher levels and places like the spiritual sun to help us awaken to reality.

So be a flower, not a weed. Be a songbird singing inspired songs from the soul, not a vulture feeding on the dead. Be a beautiful butterfly rather than a stinging wasp or a blood-sucking mosquito.

healing music, Sacred music, Heavenly Harmony

Sacred Music and Light of the Spiritual Spheres

“How often have you seen your brother in a state of ecstasy, which he cannot describe? It is a state beginning in quiet bliss, flowing outward in bright radiance from an inner light, which can even illuminate the material darkness about him. He hears the music of the sacred spheres and sees the throbbing pulsations of life heaving about him, like waves upon the great sea. He becomes aware of an inflowing of unspoken knowledge from a surrounding power. It does not come from any one point, but appears to flow out of all things and to penetrate all things. … The spirit becomes lost in adoration and wonder in the beauty revealed in everything. The soul is aware of something glorious within all this and knows it from the spirit outflowing from its source.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:2:25)

Indescribable Ecstasy

This state of ecstasy or enlightenment has been described by many, but not accurately. First, the person experiencing this state will color it to some degree with his own experiences and beliefs. That is why spiritual teachers tell us we must rid ourselves of all preconceptions in order to achieve true and complete enlightenment. Second, no worldly language is capable of describing this state accurately. Our languages do a good job of describing the world of matter, but they do not have words to properly describe the spiritual.

Flowing Outward in Bright Radiance

There are two important concepts expressed in that brief phrase. First is the “flowing outward” part. Many schools will have you believe that it is all about turning within ourselves to find enlightenment. While that is certainly part of the process, the more important part is that opening up to the greater universe in all its dimensions and flowing outward (or expanding) into it. We learn the reality of it by becoming one with it.

Illuminate the Darkness

The light of one who has become “enlightened” may not literally cause a darkened room to light up, yet is does bring light to the darkness. It isn’t visible light, but it works in the same way. It’s really a matter of frequencies. The Light person is operating at a higher frequency than the dark people. When around them, the light of the enlightened one may increase the frequency of the others, at least temporarily.

It is also possible for the opposite to happen. When the person of light is around dark people too often, or in great numbers, their lower frequencies can reduce his. That is why students in reputable spiritual schools are often warned to stay away from such people as much as they can. When they do have to be around dark ones, they need to take precautions to avoid being affected. This is why you won’t find truly enlightened spiritual leaders giving talks or services in prisons. Instead, they will send light and well wished to those people from a distance. Continue reading “Sacred Music and Light of the Spiritual Spheres”

healing music, Sacred music, Heavenly Harmony

Heavenly Harmony and Spiritual Growth

“The fifth realm of Devachan is the sphere of heavenly harmony. The higher regions of Devachan are characterized by the fact that all sounds have a greater clarity, brilliance and richness. In a mighty harmony we hear the voice of all beings. This harmony was called by Pythagoras, the ‘Music of the Spheres.’ It is the living Cosmic Word. … On Earth, the individual is lost among the crowd of other being. In the highest spheres of Devachan, each being has his own particular sound; yet at the same time the initiate is united with all beings; becomes one with his environment.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Spheres of Heaven

While it doesn’t seem that Steiner’s realms quite correspond to the nine dimensions of the Cosmos that are taught in Cosolargy, the basic concept is the same. The idea is that reality consists of a number of realms, spheres, or dimensions. One of the lowest of these is the world of matter that we live in. It is not the lowest, because there is still some spirit on this level. What Steiner calls the fifth realm does seem to match what we call the fifth dimension. This is a higher level where the angels and other beings of Light dwell.

Heavenly Harmony

Mr. Steiner says this is a realm where sounds have greater “clarity, brilliance and richness.” This is true, but is not limited to sound. Just as we have the Music of the Spheres, we have the Scents of the Spheres, the Sights of the Spheres, and possibly even taste and touch is in there somewhere.

One thing that must be made clear is that Steiner is not saying that all sounds become clearer in this sphere. We wouldn’t want the sound of a jackhammer to become clearer, we just want it to stop! What he is saying is that the sound on that level are limited to those that are part of the celestial harmony, part of the Music of the Spheres. Discordant noises cannot get into that realm. Everything on this level functions in harmony, or it wouldn’t be there. And this heavenly harmony extends to all senses, or at least the interpretation of all senses of what is really a harmonious flow of energy.

Experiencing Heavenly Harmony

One way a spiritual student can often tell that his spiritual practices are succeeding is that he briefly experiences some of this heavenly harmony. While practicing, she may hear a very pleasant music softly playing in the background. After finishing the techniques, she looks around and can find no source of that pleasant sound. Instead, she is now bombarded with the usual noise of the world.

Another student might smell flowers or an uplifting perfume. Likewise, when he finishes his spiritual practice and looks around, he sees no flowers, no source of the perfume. Others might feels a pleasant tingling all over the body, or see geometric shapes made of light. They are all experiencing a brief glimpse into that heavenly harmony of the fifth dimension. But don’t feel disappointed if you haven’t experienced any of that yet. Each person is different.

Earthly Harmony

One reason why many inspired artists create their works is because they have experienced brief encounters with this heavenly harmony. So they try to put it into their songs, their paintings, their sculpture, or other art forms. They ever succeed in capturing it, but some come close. Such art can help inspire us to seek spiritual growth ourselves.

While to a large degree, the purpose has been lost, this is the reason many churches play music during services, burn incense, and have works of art on display. Because they have forgotten this purpose, many now have the wrong kinds of music and they wrong kinds of artworks, but that may change.