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Unlearned Souls VS Awakened Souls

“Why should imprudent unlearned souls trouble that which is both learned, and prudent? And which is that that is so? She that understands the beginning and the end, and hath the true knowledge of that rational essence, that passes through all things subsisting, and through all ages being ever the same, disposing and dispensing as it were this universe by certain periods of time.

“Within a very little while, thou will be either ashes, or a skeleton; and a name perchance; and perchance not so much as a name. And what is that but an empty sound and a rebounding echo? Those things which in this life are dearest unto us, and of most account, they are in themselves but vain, putrid, contemptible.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Unlearned Souls

What Aurelius calls unlearned souls, most of us today would call souls that have not been awakened. They are people who rely strictly on the brain-mind with its knowledge only of the physical world. They are not necessarily uneducated. In fact, some may be very well educated according to the standards of a materialistic society. But with a sleeping soul, they have little ability to understand the truly spiritual.

Troubled By Unlearned Souls

Given that these unlearned souls can’t comprehend the spiritual, their opinions on spiritual matters should not concern those of us who have awakened or are at least trying to awaken. Yet, sadly, many allow themselves to be troubled by the opinions of those people on spiritual matters.

If you need an opinion on a repair problem with your car, you would talk to a mechanic, not plumber. If you had a health problem, you would discuss it with a friend in the medical profession, not a carpenter. Likewise, discussing the spiritual side of your life with someone who has not even started and that path, and has no wish to do so, is pointless. Worse than pointless sometimes, because you can let the opinions of such people convince you that you should stop your spiritual development practices.

Understands the Beginning and the End

The soul does understand the beginning and the end. It understands what was before the beginning and what will be after the end. That is because only the physical universe has a beginning and an end. Only the physical universe has time. Since the spirit and soul exist outside the limits of time and space, their knowledge is not limited by time or space.

Ashes or Skeleton

Aurelius says that in a short while, we will all be ashes or skeletons. He is telling us that physical life is short and limited. As much as we may wish for it, we will never be immortal in a physical body. The physical realm is all about change. Everything in it does and becomes new things. Some things may last hundreds, thousands, even millions of years. But they all have an end. Even the planets and stars are mortal.

Having a Name

So Marcus Aurelius is telling us that making a name for ourselves in the physical realm is meaningless. If we devote all of our energy to physical success, and fame in the physical world, we have accomplished little. Yes, there are a few people who become so famous that they are still known a thousand years after they are dead. Most of them. However, were spiritual leaders like Jesus and Buddha. We would not know the names of kings, governors, or high priests from the time of Jesus if they were not mentioned in his story. The successful business leaders of that time are even less known.

The point Aurelius is making is that if we truly want to be immortal, and have a name forever, we have to do it through the spiritual faculties which are immortal. They are the only part of us that is immortal. So while we are still alive on the physical plane, we have to awaken and start using those faculties. We have to unite ourselves on all levels: physical, mental, psychic, and spiritual. Then physical death will not end us. We will pass on to the next level as a complete being ready to continue the path to ultimate enlightenment, ultimate consciousness. So let’s stop being unlearned souls and start on the path of true enlightenment by awakening those spiritual faculties.

needy rich, All-Devouring Greed

Needy Rich, Slaves of Darkness

“How needy is he, and not rich, whose need witnesses against him that even from the abject and the beggars he needs to receive a gift. He is truly a bondman, and many are his masters: he renders service to money, to riches, and possessions. His lords are void of mercy, for they grant him no repose. Flee, and live in poverty; as a mother she pities her beloved. Seek thou refuge in indigence, who nourishes her children with choice things. …

“Who has granted to thee thing of dust, to be rich among poverty? … Sufficient for thee is thy daily bread that comes of the sweat of thy face. Let this be the measure of thy need, that which the day gives thee;and if thou findest for thyself a feast, take of it that which thou needest. Thou shalt not take in a day, the provision of days, for the belly keeps no treasure. … In purity, strengthen thyself, that thou may gain from it profit.” ~St. Ephraim the Syrian

The Needy Rich

It really sounds strange to say the wealthy are needy. Strange, yet true! In many cases, it is partly their neediness that has made them so wealthy. The rich crave recognition. They crave something, but are not sure what. They seek material wealth to prove they are important. Or they seek it because they feel empty, but don’t know what is missing from their lives. They are needy rich, because they want something, need something, and that is what being needy is all about.

Even though they have far more than they physically need, mentally and emotionally, they need more. It is something like an anorexic person who always thinks they need to lose more weight, no matter how skinny they get. And it should be treated as a serious illness, just as anorexia is. Until then, however, we need to recognize that this is not normal or healthy behavior. Nature provides enough for everyone’s actual needs. When the greedy, needy rich take far more than they need, others must do without.

Many Masters

St. Ephraim says these needy rich are bondmen because they re truly slaves to many. They think themselves rulers, yet they pulled around like an animal on a leash by the almighty dollar. They can be manipulated by any and all who offer to increase their wealth, or offer them some rare bit of matter they don’t already have. Continue reading “Needy Rich, Slaves of Darkness”

balanced path, Balance, living light, sun energies, solar age focus on the eternal

Balance and the Cosmic Temple

“Having once been known,there is no reason why the secrets of the cosmic temple and its use as an equalibrator of forces should not be regained when the purpose of the ancient science is again recognized. Never before has the existence of the positive and negative forces in nature and the need for some method of establishing an equitable relationship between them been more clearly apparent than at the present time.

“A confrontation is taking place between two rival cosmologies. The first dominated by the force of 666 and appealing to the solar aspect of human nature, promotes destruction by fire and radiation. The second is characterized by the number 1080, the number of spiritual perception, humility, freedom and love. … So it is that 666 added to 1080 gives 1746, the number of the grain of mustard seed, from which grows the roots and branches of the great tree, symbol of cosmic unity.” ~John Michell

Cosmic Temple

The cosmic temple may be an actual, physical building. But what actually matters is that it represents an deal of proportion and sacred numbers. Some ancient temples, such as the Temple of Solomon were build by this standard. Some other ancient buildings also followed some or all of these rules of proportion. The pyramids of Egypt are another example. Ancient ruins in Peru also show buildings and entire cities designed according to these rules. These rules of proportion are said to apply to the entire physical universe.

Equalibrator of Forces

A simpler way of saying this is with one simple word: balance. In the realm of physical duality it is important to maintain a balance between the opposite forces. Hot and Cold, Male and Female, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark. The opposites exist. Anyone who denies that is not paying attention. When they get out of balance, problems occur.

In recent centuries, we have seen most societies in the world being male-dominant. The result is wars, divisions, hatred for those who are “different”. Some suggest a female-dominant society would be better. History shows otherwise. What is needed is a balance between the two.

One of the more negative aspects of this is found in the area of spiritual growth. As more people are awakening to their spiritual self, and developing their spiritual side, others are becoming more materialistic. The balance must be reasonably maintained.

There will come a day when that will change. When the physical becomes spirit again, there will be no opposites, no duality, no need to balance the sides.

Confrontation and Balance

The great “war” between light and dark has been going on for many centuries. It is clear to many, however, that it is reaching a peak. The most primitive and animalistic people are coming out of their dark caves into the light. They think they are safe with one of their own as President of the United States. They don’t understand that when you flip over a rock and expose the dark, soft, squishy things that live under it, you give the sun an opportunity to dry them up. The Sun of Righteousness promised by the prophet Malachi is doing just that.

All darkness will be eliminated eventually and we will all live in peace, harmony, and Light. Continue reading “Balance and the Cosmic Temple”


Giants of Materialism and Their Ultimate Defeat

“We live in an era whose humblest men are becoming greater than the greatest men of previous ages. What once preoccupied our minds is now of no consequence. The veil of indifference covers it. The beautiful dreams that once hovered in our consciousness have been dispersed like mist. In their place are giants moving like tempests,raging like seas, breathing like volcanoes.

“What destiny will the giants bring the world at the end of their struggles?

“Will the farmer return to his field to sow where death has planted the bones of the dead? …

“Will the sheep drink from springs whose water are stained with blood? …

“Can lovers meet and exchange kisses on battlefields still acrid with bomb fumes?” ~Kahlil Gibran

Land of Giants

We are definitely living in that land of the giants that Gibran is talking about. Not physical giants by any means. Not even intellectual giants for the most part. They are giants mostly in their own minds. These are the people who think they are more important than others. If they were to die, it would be a tragedy. But if dozens of others die to protect them, that is just the way it goes. That is how they think.

The little people who die don’t even have to do so fighting in a war. They can die from the poisons in the products the giants sell to get very rich. Sometimes they die from disease because they can’t afford to pay the fees for medical care provided by the giants and their corporations. They can die from starvation while they giants throw out tons of food because it isn’t selling at a profitable price. Working to death in the factories owned by the giants is another acceptable way to die. The only way that is not appropriate is for the little people to die resist being the sheep and oxen of the giants. That will not do at all.

Veil of Indifference

Most people will insist they are not indifferent to this condition where the Giants who make up only one or two percent of the population enslave the rest through trickery and lies. Yet they do virtually nothing about it. That is one form of indifference. Another is the indifference of those who take their orders and follow the rules without question. They accept that if you want more you must work harder. They ignore the fact that the wealthiest of then giants do less work than the average person, not more. Even if they did work, there is no way they could be working 400, 500, or 600 times as hard as others as would be necessary to make that hard work nonsense true. While it is true that in the material world nothing is free and we must all work, there is little evidence that how mush you get paid equates to how hard you work. Continue reading “Giants of Materialism and Their Ultimate Defeat”