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Real Treasure Isn’t Silver or Gold

“The most valuable treasure one may have is the Knowledge, Wisdom , and Love he has. The teacher is for this: to deliver knowledge to the student. The students task in return is to apply it.

“Many blame God why is he not helping them? God helps those who do their best, Help yourself in order for God to help you as well.

“Not to pay what you owe means you have no belief. Later you will pay everything with interest.

“The thought of a man has a transforming power. The good, right, nice thought can transform your desperation into a quiet and pleasant condition. The thought of a man is a magic wand with which you can create miracles.” ~Biensa Douno

Real Treasure

Many things in the material world are considered treasures. Money, gold, luxuries of all sorts. Yet look at those who have such things. Are they better people than the rest of us? Are they more advanced than the rest of us? The answer to both questions is no, they are not.

A real treasure is something that truly benefits us. Real treasure helps us grow spiritually. It isn’t something we lose when we leave the physical world. Knowledge, wisdom, truth, love are real treasures. Continue reading “Real Treasure Isn’t Silver or Gold”

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Love God, Love Wisdom and Truth

“To love God means to love wisdom and truth. We can love God in no other way than in being obedient to Divine law; and to enable us to exercise that obedience conscientiously requires knowledge of the law, which can only be gained by practice.

“As the sun without leaving his place in the sky sends his rays upon the earth to shine upon the pure and impure, and to illuminate even the most minute material objects with his light; likewise the spirit of man may send his mental rays into matter to obtain knowledge of all terrestrial things.” ~Franz Hartmann

Love Wisdom and Truth

Almost everyone agrees that we should love wisdom and truth. Or at least that we should seek wisdom and truth. The problem is that there is little understanding of what it means when a prophet or spiritual teacher speaks of wisdom and truth.

Some will tell you that truth is simply seeing through the lies we have been fed for centuries. While that is a good start, recognizing the lies doesn’t mean you know truth. Some will say that wisdom is simply acting on the truth, as best as you understand it. The problem there is that many are calling it wisdom when they act on what they believe to be true, but it isn’t.

Divine Law

Yes, there is such a thing as Divine Law. It is God’s Law. Unlike man’s law, it cannot be avoided with bribes and crooked police. On the other hand, it is not flawed like man’s law often is, designed to benefit the rich and powerful and help them control the masses. God is perfect and His law is perfect. Those who are spiritually awakened know this. That is why they willingly obey Divine Law. Continue reading “Love God, Love Wisdom and Truth”

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Serve Love and Grow in Truth and Wisdom

“What does it mean to love? To love means to serve, to give. Love and do not worry about the consequences.

“Master your Love, Wisdom, and Truth without making mistakes the same way the musician masters his skill of playing his instrument. Once he becomes a grand master, he makes no mistakes.

“Which man is full of love? A man whose soul, spirit, mind, and heart are under the full influence of love. …

“The manifestation of God connects you with Love. Your connection with Love is the most important connection you have.

Law: if you love people, you are doing good to yourself. If you don’t love them, you harm yourself.” ~Biensa Douno

Serve Love

Those who love will serve other. Those who serve others voluntarily are demonstrating love. Spiritual people love to serve and serve love to all. This doesn’t mean that spiritual people accept evil behavior in others. It means we understand that the behavior is due to that person being under the influence of evil forces or beings, usually without being aware of it. You wouldn’t refuse to love a person because they had a physical disease. The awakened person will think of the evil behavior as a type of disease on the mental or spiritual level, and love the person anyway.

Master Love and Wisdom

Douno makes a good point here. The greatest violinist in the world probably made horrid noise with it the first time he tried to play one. With practice, practice, and more practice, he gradually become better until he mastered the instrument.

Likewise, the person developing her spiritual nature is not going to be perfect at it the first time. Or the second. You have to have enough patience to continue practicing those spiritual development techniques until you get good enough at it to see results.

It’s sad to see posts on social media spiritual groups that say something like, “I’m new at the spiritual stuff. Can you tell me how to become awakened by tomorrow?”. What is perhaps even sadder are the ones who reply with, “We are all spiritually awakened already,” or “If you want it, you already have it”.

If spiritual awakening was an overnight thing, the great mystery schools of Pythagoras, Plato, and others would never have existed. Those schools helped people awaken gradually, just as the music teacher helps the budding musician learn to play the instrument gradually. No one would ask, “Where can I get a master’s degree in business management by tomorrow?. Everyone would recognize the question as ridiculous. Spiritual development is no different. Just because it is spiritual, doesn’t mean there is no work involved. Continue reading “Serve Love and Grow in Truth and Wisdom”

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Fourth State of Soul and Actualization

“It follows from all this that when the soul, coming to the Fourth State of fruitive Love, enters into the equilibrium which supports and penetrates the flux,it does and must reconcile the opposites which have governed the earlier stages of its career. The communion reached is with a Wholeness, the life which flows from it must be a wholeness too. Full surrender, harmonized with full actualization of all our desires and faculties; not some thin, abstract, vertical relation alone, but an all-round-expansion, a full, deep, rich giving and taking, a complete correspondence with the infinitely rich, all-demanding and all-generous God whose ‘love is measureless for it is Himself.’ Thus Ruysbroeck teaches that love static and love dynamic must coexist for us as for Him.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Fourth State of Soul

Part of what Underhill calls the fourth state of the soul is that it must reach that higher state of love. This is the level in which love is not limited to certain persons, objects, and beings. It is when we love everything and everyone. We are part of the all, so we love all that is. This is the level in which we can forgive the evil that people do because we realize that they are doing it out of ignorance. Those who truly know God never do such things.

Reconcile Opposites

When the soul is in the fourth state, it mush reconcile opposites. It cannot be part of the whole when it sees part of the whole as evil. It must learn that only deeds and actions can be evil. Being never are. Even Satan will reform one day and return to the fold. Even he must be forgiven and loved. This seems impossible to most of us. That tells us that we have not yet reached that level of consciousness.

Communion with Wholeness

To become one with the All, one with Wholeness, we must be whole ourselves. We must reconcile all differences within us. All confusion and doubt must be eliminated. We must be certain of who we are and what we are. It sound easy, but it isn’t. It usually takes years to reach that level of truth and wisdom. But we should not give up because of that. Even if we move forward in baby steps, it is better than standing still. No one should be a pool of stagnant water. Continue reading “Fourth State of Soul and Actualization”