Divine foreknowledge

Divine Foreknowledge Doesn’t Prevent Free-Will

“Why does a strange discordance break
The ordered scheme’s fair harmony?
Hath god decreed ‘twixt truth and truth
There may such lasting warfare be,
That truths, each severally plain,
We strive to reconcile in vain? …

“Ah! Then why burns man’s restless mind
Truth’s hidden portals to unclose?
Knows he already what he seeks?
Why toil to seek it, if he knows?
Yet, haply if he knoweth not,
Why blindly seek he knows not what? …

“For neither does he know in full,
Nor is he reft of knowledge quite;
But, holding till to what is left,
He gropes in the uncertain light,
And by the part that still survives
To win back all he bravely strives. …

“The movement of human reasoning cannot cope with the simplicity of the Divine foreknowledge; for it is a conception of its nature in any wise be framed, no shadow of uncertainty would remain. … First, I inquire into the reasons why thou are dissatisfied with the solution proposed, which is to the effect that, seeing the fact of foreknowledge is not thought the cause of the necessity of future events, foreknowledge is not to be deemed any hindrance to the freedom of the will.” ~Boethius

Divine Foreknowledge

The concept of Divine Foreknowledge is a simple one. It basically means that God not only knows everything that has happened, and everything that is happening, but also everything that will happen. Most agree that this must be true, or God would not be God, he would not be all-knowing, if He didn’t know the future.

The truth of it is, that much like divinely inspired prophets, God doesn’t see what will happen, but what might happen. The future is full of possibilities. Some of those possibilities are more likely to occur than others. God can see which ones will most likely happen. If it isn’t what He wants to happen, and if it is something important enough, He may intervene to get things back on the right path. Yet, that does not block free will, such as it is.

Hidden Truth

Why should any truth be hidden from man? For the most part, the answer is that we have hidden it from ourselves. Not directly, of course. We would have to have knowledge of the thing before we could hide it, and that would create a paradox. Yet psychologists know that it happens. For example, a person who may have been raped or otherwise harmed as a child may suppress that knowledge. Some hide it so well, that it takes many sessions of treatment to bring it to the surface again.

But in this case, the hidden knowledge Boethius refers to is knowledge that was hidden by our ancestors. When they “fell” from the realms of spirit into the realm of matter, it was difficult on them to remember their origin. It would be like a homeless beggar remembering that he was one the son of a king after that kind was killed and replaced. So they pushed it to the back of their minds and, over time, completely forgot.

Foreknowledge and Free-Will

Most believe that if Divine foreknowledge exists, than free-will cannot exist. While that is somewhat true, it isn’t entirely true. As I already mentioned, with Divine Foreknowledge, God sees possibilities, not exactly what will happen in detail. He may know, for example, that some act needs to be done, and one of five people will do it. He doesn’t know exactly which one until it happens. So that means that those five people still have some free will.

On many unimportant things, God simply pays no attention to them. He doesn’t care which shirt you wear today or what you have or breakfast. Therefore, he has no used forethought to see such things. So you remain free to choose your shirt and breakfast using your own free will. On the other hand, you can’t use free will to stop breathing for two hours. You would die if you did. But if you try, you will likely find that your body won’t let you do it. So free-will does exist despite the existence of Divine Foreknowledge. But free will is limited.

know yourself

Know Yourself and the Power Within You

“Should you who possess everything not know yourself? If you do not know yourself, you will not enjoy what you own. But know yourself and what you have enjoy. The perfect human can neither be restrained nor seen. If they see him, they can stop him, so there is no way to grace but to put on the perfect light and become perfect. All who put on that garment will enter the kingdom. This is the perfect light. We must become perfect before leaving this world. Who is rich and has not thrown it off will not share in the kingdom but will go as imperfect into the middle. Only Jesus knows where that will end.

“There was a householder who had every possible thing, be it son or slave or cattle or dog or pig or wheat or barley or chaff or grass or castor oil or meat or acorn. He was sensible and knew what each one’s food was. He served children bread and meat. He served slaves castor oil and meal. He threw barley and chaff and grass to the cattle. He threw bones to the dogs, and to pigs he threw acorns and scraps of bread. Compare the student of god. If you are sensible, you understand the nature of learning. Bodily forms will not deceive you, since you will look at the condition of each person’s soul and speak with that form.

“There are many animals on earth in human form. When you identify them, then you throw acorns to swine, barley and chaff and grass to cattle, and bones to the dogs. To slaves you will give only what is preliminary, but to children you give what is complete.” ~Gospel of Philip

Know Yourself

Knowing yourself is important. Most of us, naturally, will insist that we do know ourselves. But they truth is, almost none of us do.

What we think is our self is usually a combination of our own fantasies and the things our parents and friends tell us. Over many years, we build up a self-image that is not who we truly are. One of the purposes of a spiritual awakening is to learn who we truly are.

We can say that our true self is a spirit. The physical body and the brain-mind that runs it is temporary and therefore not our real self. So if what you know of yourself is purely on the physical and mental levels, you don’t know your true self at all. Continue reading “Know Yourself and the Power Within You”

real treasure

Real Treasure Isn’t Silver or Gold

“The most valuable treasure one may have is the Knowledge, Wisdom , and Love he has. The teacher is for this: to deliver knowledge to the student. The students task in return is to apply it.

“Many blame God why is he not helping them? God helps those who do their best, Help yourself in order for God to help you as well.

“Not to pay what you owe means you have no belief. Later you will pay everything with interest.

“The thought of a man has a transforming power. The good, right, nice thought can transform your desperation into a quiet and pleasant condition. The thought of a man is a magic wand with which you can create miracles.” ~Biensa Douno

Real Treasure

Many things in the material world are considered treasures. Money, gold, luxuries of all sorts. Yet look at those who have such things. Are they better people than the rest of us? Are they more advanced than the rest of us? The answer to both questions is no, they are not.

A real treasure is something that truly benefits us. Real treasure helps us grow spiritually. It isn’t something we lose when we leave the physical world. Knowledge, wisdom, truth, love are real treasures. Continue reading “Real Treasure Isn’t Silver or Gold”

knowledge, mystic awakening, small vessel Understanding Light

Those Who Have Knowledge and Truth

“Those whose names he knew first were called last, so that the one who has knowledge is one whose name the father has pronounced. For one whose name has not been spoken is ignorant. Indeed, how shall one hear if a name has not been uttered? For whoever remains ignorant until the end is a creature of forgetfulness and will perish with it.

“Hence, whoever has knowledge is from above. If called, that person hears, replies, and turns toward him who called. That person ascends to him and knows how he is called. Having knowledge, that person does the will of him who called. That person desires to please him, finds rest,20 and receives a certain name. Those who thus are going to have knowledge know whence they came and whither they are going. They know it as someone who, having become intoxicated, has turned from his drunkenness and, having come to himself, has restored what is his own.” ~The Gospel Of Truth

One With Knowledge

The one who has Knowledge is not someone who has learned from books, or has a degree from a university. It is the person who has Divine Knowledge, the knowledge of ultimate truth, Gnosis. It makes sense that such a person would be a chosen of God. Although it does seem like a paradox. God chooses those who have achieved Knowledge, but to achieve that knowledge, one must be one of the chosen. While that is a paradox to us, it isn’t to God who knows all things before they happen. We could say those who are chosen, but haven’t yet achieved Gnosis, are the students of Wisdom. Those who have achieved divine knowledge and wisdom have graduated and become true soldiers of light. Don’t misunderstand the term “soldier,” however. They are soldiers of love and light, not violence, bringing truth back to those who have become lost in the lies. They do not kill them.

Names He Knew

You might wonder why God would know the names of some and not others. I think this is allegorical. It isn’t referring to the human names our parents give us when we are born into the physical world. It means that God knows they are one of His helpers, His soldiers of Light.

First are Last

So why would God call the chosen to Him last? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? No, what the Gospel of Truth says is correct.

Part of being chosen is that you must be willing to help others awaken. To do that, you must stay in the physical world as long as possible. At least that is the way it is now. Eventually, everyone will have either evolved enough that they no longer need help from physical beings, or they will have died. Then the chosen can move up to higher levels of being and consciousness permanently.

Those With Knowledge

Yes, those with Divine Knowledge do know where they came from and where they are going. They don’t speculate about it, or theorize about it. They simply know. Most of us are intoxicated by the illusions of the physical world. The awakened ones have sobered up and see through the veil to the truth. We all have the potential to gain that knowledge. We simply have to commit ourselves to doing whatever it takes, and work at it. And not for just a week or two. It takes years to get a college degree. Likewise, it takes years to get the spiritual equivalent of Divine Knowledge.