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Divine Food from God and Christ

“A man who is possessed of much substance, and has both servants and children, gives a different kind of food to the servants from what he gives to his own born children, because the children are the father’s heirs, and eat with him, being made like to their father. Even so, Christ, the true master of the house, who created all things himself, nourishes the evil and the unthankful, but the children whom He has begotten of His own substance, to whom He has imparted of His grace, in whom the Lord is formed, these He provides beyond others with special refreshment. … Those who possess the true inheritance have been begotten as sons of a heavenly Father. … If we then desire to be born of the heavenly Father, we ought to do something that exceeds the rest of mankind.” ~St. Macarius the Egyptian

Divine Food

What is the divine food that we get from God and Christ? It isn’t meat or bread. It isn’t even apples. It isn’t anything material since the world of matter is the fallen world. The divine food is sometimes called manna or grace. It is actually Light. Not just any light. The divine food is spiritual light, a special frequency of light.

All Are Fed

The divine food, the spiritual light flows to all. It comes to us on Earth through the spiritual sun acting as intermediary. The light reaches all of us. But it isn’t so much that God or Christ chooses how much of that divine light each of us should get. It is more that we choose how much of it to take in and use. The same amount reaches each of us, generally speaking, but our frequencies, our thoughts determine how much is absorbed.

True Inheritance

The true inheritance we receive from God is an awakened spirit and soul. Many people have a soul, but only a very few ever bother to awaken it. This is usually because they don’t know they need to. In other cases, they know but think it will happen automatically when the body dies. But you can’t wait until death to awaken the soul. We need to do it now.

Only with an awakened soul can we achieve Gnosis, Divine Knowledge. Only an awakened soul can reach the highest levels of consciousness. And that is what is necessary in order to help in the transformation of the planet back into spirit. So if we want to do something that “exceeds the rest of mankind,” we need to start by awakening our spiritual faculties. We don’t exceed the rest of mankind by building monuments to materialism. Likewise, collecting huge amounts of money (and depriving others in the process) isn’t really exceeding the rest of mankind. It is our spiritual deeds that matter.

So eat the divine food. Take in God’s Light from the spiritual sun. Awaken and start making use of your spiritual faculties. Don’t let them go to waste. Don’t let the world you live in go to waste.

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Seven Aspects of God, a Complex Being

“Seven kinds of action of Deity were perceived by Boehme, none of which were more important than the others. These were:

  1. Ungrund, the ungrounded, the hidden Mystery in all things, the transcendent aspect of Being.
  2. Primordial Divine Will, ‘Father,’ both no-thing and everything.
  3. Will made subjective, the ‘Christ’ function.
  4. Will made objective, Holy Spirit,’ movement and life.
  5. The Trinity, the coming together or expression of the three wills giving a creative unity.
  6. Logos, or ‘the Word.’ the creative vibrational principle, i. e. ‘Let there be…’
  7. Wisdom, Sophia, the feminine principle of God. This acknowledges the androgyny of the Divine from which trinity and creation are born and exist.

Boehme himself says: ‘For I saw and knew the Being of all beings …’” ~Bernard Simon

Seven By Seven

Seven is a number we see a lot in religious and spiritual writings. It is assumed by most to be a reference to the seven energy centers (chakras) of the human body, although there are actually more than seven. Here we see that Jacob Boehme, from whom I quote often, lists a different Holy Seven: the “actions” or aspects of God. If you consider these seven aspects closely, you will see that they relate to steps and methods of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Aspects of God

Boehme’s list of God’s aspect is not the only one. Other have made similar lists. Who can say which is the best one. These lists, after all, are from a human point-of-view. I was told once by a Hindu priest that the many gods of their religion are really just aspects of the one God. Perhaps Egyptian, Greek, Roman and other ancient pantheons are the same.

God is Complex

The point of it all is that God is a very complex being. So complex, we should be reluctant to even call him a being because that term is too limiting. Because we cannot comprehend that complexity, we make it simple on ourselves by looking only at one aspect of God. After studying one aspect, we should move on to another. Many don’t do that. They start to think that a single aspect of God is the whole package. They think God is only male, never female. Or they may think that God is only Divine Will, the Big Boss in the sky giving orders and demanding obedience.

Understanding Aspects of God

When we look at only one or two aspects of god, we get a very warped image. We need to make an effort to recognize and understand all the aspects. At least as far as human minds can understand. Of course, the best way to do this is to awaken and develop our spirit and soul. Only the soul can truly understand God. The mind can only speculate and have opinions.

Divine Will

Divine Will is another way of saying God has a Plan. This plan is for the redemption of the universe of matter. It needs to return to the spiritual realm from which it “fell”. Those who work for the completion of that plan are living according to God’s Will.

Will is a lot like ego. Some spiritual schools teach that the ego must be destroyed in order to develop our spiritual side. That is like saying that id we want to make a rear-wheel drive car into a front-wheel drive, we have to remove and destroy the rear wheels. Wrong. Turn it into an all-wheel drive vehicle. The will/ego is a useful tool when controlled by the soul.

Mystery and Wisdom

It is curious that these two aspects of God are first and last on the list. It is like they are the bookends that hold the rest of it together. In any case, the goal of the mystery schools and their teachings is to reach a state of wisdom and understanding. Not so we can boast about being better than others, but so we can aid others n their spiritual growth. And, of course, so we can help in the fulfillment of God’s Great Plan.

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Enlightened Man ( or Woman) is a Mediator

“The enlightened man shall faithfully and discreetly teach and instruct, reprove and serve, all men; for he bears in him a love towards all. And thereby is he a mediator between God and all men. And then he shall turn wholly inwards upon himself with all the saints and with all the just, and possess in peace the unity of his spirit, and therefore the most high Unity of God, wherein all spirits rest. This is a true ghostly life; for all the degrees and all the virtues, inward as well as outward, and the highest powers of the soul, are supernaturally adorned by it in a right and profitable way.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

The Enlightened Man

First, let me say that calling this spiritually developed person “Enlightened” is not the best choice of words. Enlightenment is a gradual process with many levels. When one simply calls a person Enlightened, that is usually taken to mean complete enlightenment. But no one living in the world of matter has achieved that level of consciousness. So simply think of this as meaning one who has become considerably more enlightened than the average person, though she hasn’t achieved ultimate and total enlightenment.


The Spiritual person is a mediator in two ways. First, for those not ready to do it for themselves, he brings God’s light down to the earthly plane, then sends some of it out to others embedded with positive thoughts. Second, he helps others find the path that will lead them to enlightenment. We can’t give others truth and wisdom, but we can guide them towards it. Continue reading “Enlightened Man ( or Woman) is a Mediator”

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Love God, Love Wisdom and Truth

“To love God means to love wisdom and truth. We can love God in no other way than in being obedient to Divine law; and to enable us to exercise that obedience conscientiously requires knowledge of the law, which can only be gained by practice.

“As the sun without leaving his place in the sky sends his rays upon the earth to shine upon the pure and impure, and to illuminate even the most minute material objects with his light; likewise the spirit of man may send his mental rays into matter to obtain knowledge of all terrestrial things.” ~Franz Hartmann

Love Wisdom and Truth

Almost everyone agrees that we should love wisdom and truth. Or at least that we should seek wisdom and truth. The problem is that there is little understanding of what it means when a prophet or spiritual teacher speaks of wisdom and truth.

Some will tell you that truth is simply seeing through the lies we have been fed for centuries. While that is a good start, recognizing the lies doesn’t mean you know truth. Some will say that wisdom is simply acting on the truth, as best as you understand it. The problem there is that many are calling it wisdom when they act on what they believe to be true, but it isn’t.

Divine Law

Yes, there is such a thing as Divine Law. It is God’s Law. Unlike man’s law, it cannot be avoided with bribes and crooked police. On the other hand, it is not flawed like man’s law often is, designed to benefit the rich and powerful and help them control the masses. God is perfect and His law is perfect. Those who are spiritually awakened know this. That is why they willingly obey Divine Law. Continue reading “Love God, Love Wisdom and Truth”